Wildfires, Travel, And Pandemic Ensure Blood In Demand For Foreseeable Future

Jul 13, 2020

Throughout the pandemic, relief organizations have been pushing for blood donations.  With wildfire season and some travel picking up across the Pacific Northwest, the need remains steady.

A blood bag fills up during a donor drive.
Credit Utah Reps / Flickr.com

Chad Carter is a spokesperson for the Cascades Region of the American Red Cross. He said they’ve seen generous donations of blood recently, so signing-up may require more advance planning than usual.

“We really encourage you to look 5, 7, even 14 days out," Carter told KLCC.  "Because the need for blood is constant, that does not change. So even if you’re having a challenge finding a blood drive in the immediate next couple of days, look a little bit into the future. Because your blood will be as important then as it is today.”

Carter said Red Cross blood drives are observing COVID-19 protocols such as face masks and routine disinfection of surfaces, to keep the process safe for everyone involved.

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