Wyden Demands Release of White House Visitor Logs

Mar 6, 2017

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden wants President Donald Trump and the Secret Service to release the White House visitor logs. Wyden was joined Monday by 7 fellow Democratic senators in his request. KLCC’s Anni Katz reports.   

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden
Credit columbiariverreview.com

Wyden says Trump should follow his predecessor’s policy. Under President Barack Obama, the White House and Secret Service released visitor logs 90 to 120 days after they were created.

WYDEN [:21] “The American people deserve more transparency from their government, not less. Additionally, if the president is going to keep conducting the peoples’ business at his personal properties, those visitor logs ought to be public as well. It’s become harder to know if President Trump is meeting with lobbyists, executives or anyone else.”

In the six weeks since taking the oath of office, the president has spent 4 weekends at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

Wyden says the Trump administration has taken secrecy to an “unprecedented level.” Citing the “anti-transparency” tone with which the president conducts official business, Wyden says he and his fellow senators felt now was the right time to weigh in on the log issue.

No response yet from the Trump administration or the Secret Service.