KLCC's Oregon Rainmakers

KLCC's Oregon Rainmakers is a podcast where we talk to business leaders creating economic and community success in western and central Oregon. Our region is rich with business and economic stories that aren’t being told, so we decided to create a podcast where we can have a conversation with the very leaders in Oregon who are moving the business community forward.

Every other week, we will launch a new in-depth conversation with a person who is either creating wealth, policy, or opportunity for Oregon to continue to thrive today, and into the future. It won’t always be a CEO or business leader or a leader in private industry, it could be an elected official, entrepreneur, or nonprofit leader, but the conversation will always focus on an important driver of community prosperity.

On this edition we speak with Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software, one of the largest tech companies in central Oregon. A family company that her father started in Silicon Valley, Sabrina took over the top spot a decade ago and has grown the business planning and email software company into a global player with customers for its LivePlan, Outpost and B-plan software products in 180 countries. We talk about growing a global business, managing a family company and her views on what Eugene and Lane County need to do to become an even bigger player in the tech industry.

This week's episode features a conversation with Cathryn Stephens, the Acting CEO of the Eugene Airport. EUG is undergoing some exciting changes including the recent additions of new service from startup Avelo Airlines and industry behemoth Southwest Airlines. Additionally, we talk about the business of aviation, how its managing during COVID, and how the airport will be growing in the future.

Eugene Chamber of Commerce

On this first epiosde of KLCC's Oregon Rainmakers, we talk to the president and CEO of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, Brittany Quick-Warner. Brittany has been with the chamber in a variety of roles over the years but was thrust into the CEO role during a crisis. Her training in emergency management has served her well and we talk about the many challenges and opportunities facing the business community and the City of Eugene after this incredibly difficult year and about the possibilities for growth in the future.