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Photo of Michael Dunne Host of Oregon On The Record and Oregon Rainmakers Podcast

Michael Dunne

Host of KLCC's Oregon On The Record Public Affairs Show and Oregon Rainmakers Podcast

Michael Dunne is the host of KLCC's newest show, Oregon On The Record and Oregon Rainmakers podcast.

Do you have a suggestion for a guest or topic? Email Michael at mdunne@klcc.org.

  • On this edition of Oregon On The Record, listeners hear from Alexander Lavake, the coordinator of Lane County’s Fentanyl awareness program and how they hope to educate the public about the dangers of this drug, promote life-saving overdose prevention and promote a community-wide collaboration.
  • On this edition of Oregon On The Record, you’ll hear from Beto Yarce, the new Regional Administrative Director for the Small Business Administration and Scott Bossom of 1st Security Bank about how he and the organization are working to open up loans to everyone. As someone who’s seen credit discrimination first-hand, Yarce, talks about SBA efforts to distribute more and more loans to people who’ve had a traditionally difficult if not impossible job of getting a vital business loan.
  • On this edition of Oregon On The Record, you’ll hear from Erik Burke, the Local Director of Friends of Trees and local arborist Gritz Kuhn of Sperry Tree Care about the health of our urban forest trees and what all of can do to help them thrive. They’ll also talk about the incredible benefits we derive from trees including better mental health, better air and higher property values. Trees are a gift that we enjoy today, and should nurture so that our ancestors can enjoy them hundreds of years from now.
  • On this edition of Oregon On The Record, you’ll hear from Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis and City Manager Sarah Medary about the June opening of the new City Hall.
  • A conversation with Bethany Cartledge, Executive Director, St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County. She becomes the new Executive Director, taking over from long-time leader, Terry McDonald.
  • A conversation with the Oregon Community College Association (OCCA) and Lane Community College about a new strategy in education – the development of a community-college conferred bachelor degree. Guests include John Wycoff of the OCCA; Rebecca Long and Marci Hansen of Lane Community College and Rachel Ulrich, a Human Resources Consultant. This new program provides students with a way to meet the rigorous demands and education that employers want, but at a fraction of the cost of obtaining a degree at a four-year college.
  • On this edition of Oregon On The Record, you’ll hear from Erin Vilardi, Founder and CEO and Becca Phelps, Oregon state director, of the organization Vote, Run, Lead. This nonpartisan nonprofit's mission is to train women to run for office and win. They’ve trained tens of thousands of women to run for higher office and you’ll hear how they are targeting Oregon to become a state with a majority of women in the statehouse.
  • Today on Oregon On The Record, you’ll hear about the power of neighborhoods from the team at the City of Eugene responsible for organizing and coordinating neighborhood associations. Cindy Koehler, The Neighborhoods & Community Liaison and Fabio Andrade, the Program Manager for the Office of Equity and Community Engagement at the City of Eugene talk about how neighborhoods are the grassroots organization for crime prevention, disaster preparedness and creating an inclusive environment.
  • Oregon passed Measure 110 back in 2020 to decriminalize possession of some drugs. Today however, some groups are pushing back and saying that Measure 110 went too far and point to it as a reason why overdoses are on the rise. Yet a study by epidemiologists of the measure that's not the case.Today on Oregon On The Record, We’ll talk with an author of that study, Corey Davis, an assistant clinical professor at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine and Eugene Police Officer Brad Hanneman who have divergent views on Measure 110. We’ll also talk with Ben Botkin, a reporter with the Oregon Capital Chronicle about potential changes to the measure that the legislature is considering.
  • Today on Oregon On The Record you’ll meet the people who work with these amazing dogs to both search and apprehend would-be criminals and also search and find those who’ve become lost and in need of help. The Lane County Sherriff’s office both employs officers in K-9 patrol and enlists volunteers for search and rescue missions and you’ll hear how they work with their furry companions to make Lane County safer.