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Weeks after the Eugene Police Department declared a riot on May 29, the department declared one again last Saturday, July 25. Demonstrators in Eugene gathered to stand in solidarity with Portland protesters in opposition of the Federal Department of Homeland Security and against police brutality. 

Top & bottom left photos taken by Elizabeth Gabriel | Right photo taken by Nathan Bouquet

In the third episode of KLCC's special series covering Black Lives Matter protests in Eugene and Springfield, Black Unity leaders stand in solidarity with Portland protesters, All Lives Matter protesters chant "Black Lives Matter," and Eugene's long-awaited City Council work session on policing is right around the corner. Join KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald and reporters Elizabeth Gabriel and Nathan Bouquet in the latest episode of the Northwest Passage.

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On this episode of the Northwest Passage podcast, tensions between police and protesters in Springfield flair, a hit-and-run during a peaceful children's march leads to increased friction between protesters and the Eugene Police Department, meanwhile EPD says they have plans for reform.

Top Left & Bottom Left Photos by Melorie Begay, Top Right and Bottom Right Photos Taken By Elizabeth Gabriel

The May 25 death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis Police custody has sparked national outrage, and has reignited the Black Lives Matter Movement in towns and cities across the country. In Eugene and Springfield protesters have held marches nearly every day since May 29.

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Governor Kate Brown bans large public events to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Meanwhile the number of cases of COVID-19 grows in Oregon. 

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Coronavirus is in the Northwest, we discuss best practices for prevention and what state officials are doing.The short legislative session wraps up in Salem on March 8th. Will anything get accomplished amidst the Republican walk out?

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The legislative session is at a standstill as Oregon GOP Lawmakers continue to boycott the cap and trade bill. 

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Oregon is number one in the country for marijuana dispensaries per capita. Eugene schools consider how to better accommodate religious holidays. 

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President Trump’s acquittal brings activists to the streets of Eugene to protest what they call a sham trial. 

Colin Phifer, Oregon Legislature, Stephan Voss (NPR), Brian Bull, Karen Richards

Lawmakers gather in Salem next week for their short session. Will Republicans walk out again?

Brian Bull, Cheri Helt, Alec Cowan, and OregonWBB

A court panel dismisses the kids’ climate lawsuit. People rally in favor of and against President Trump in Eugene.

Rachael McDonald, Brian Bull

Lawmakers prepare to take on cap and trade legislation again in Salem. More funding is allocated for homeless services in Lane County. The University of Oregon considers a fixed tuition model.

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An attack on an elderly business owner in Redmond will be prosecuted under Oregon’s revised hate crime law. An opioid overdose alert is issued in Douglas County City and county leaders site homelessness as their biggest challenge.

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A ban on single-use plastic bags takes effect statewide in Oregon. The results of the next census could mean an additional congressional representative. We look back on the big stories of 2019 and we talk about our new years resolutions.

For this final Northwest Passage podcast of the year, we listen back to some of our favorite moments.

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The U.S. Supreme Court won’t review an Idaho court’s decision regarding homeless people camping on sidewalks, Lane County considers a homeless camp at the Fairgrounds. 

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UO President Michael Schill gets a $100-thousand bonus despite objections from students and staff members. The University has also settled an age-discrimination lawsuit. Oregon has only raised about half the 40 million dollars it needs to host the 2021 World Track and Field Championships in Eugene. A clowder of cats in Veneta gets help from animal advocates And an all-electric plane makes its maiden voyage.

Those stories and more on this week’s Northwest Passage with KLCC News Director, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporter Brian Bull.

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Eugene Police don’t disproportionately target minorities according to a recent state report. Some Oregon Christmas tree growers are facing tough times. Mountain snowpack is low for this time of year…   And young people will be marching to urge action on climate this week in Eugene and around the world.

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13 Counties win a billion dollar lawsuit against the state of Oregon that claims it has failed to maximize revenue from logging. 

OSU, Brian Bull, Greg Walden's office / OSU, KLCC, U.S. House

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Elizabeth Gabriel, Brian Bull, Melorie Begay, Oregon Office of Emergency Management

Three Democrats have declared they’re running for Oregon Secretary of State in 2020, Springfield raises flags to celebrate Indegenous People’s Day, The University of Oregon opens its new Black Student Union, Eugene holds coffin races this month, Great Oregon Shake-Out

Those stories and more in this edition of the Northwest Passage podcast. Join KLCC's News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporters Elizabeth Gabriel and Brian Bull. 

Tiffany Eckert, Brian Bull, Rachael McDonald

Lane County plans for a new Housing First Apartment complex for people who've been chronically homeless. We debrief KLCC's recent Community Conversation on racism, hate, Oregon's history, and the media. Those topics and more on the Northwest Passage podcast with KLCC's News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporter Melorie Begay.

Rachael McDonald and Brian Bull

Brian Bull, Rachael McDonald, Eugene 4J

Oregon Pushes forward with an action plan on climate change. Classified staff at the state’s Public Universities prepare to go on strike. And scientific evidence shows cats actually can form bonds with people.Those stories and more in this edition of the Northwest Passage podcast.

Rachael McDonald, Brian Bull, NPR Chris Lehman / KLCC

Public University workers  in Oregon have voted to authorize a strike just as students prepare to go back to class. Eugene holds an emergency preparedness fair. And we remember NPR and ABC reporter and commentator Cokie Roberts who passed away this week.

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Nationally, there’ve been 6 deaths traced to vaping including one in Oregon. Opioid addiction is leading to overflows at a dusk to dawn homeless camp in Eugene. And an update on the case of 400 cats on a Veneta property

A fire at the popular hiking spot Mount Pisgah burned more than 50 acres last week, it was caused by a mower.

Springfield’s City Attorney calls for police to wear body cams. An unofficial count tallied more than 38 thousand people who are homeless in the Portland metro area. And we talk with reporter Melorie Begay about her recent reporting on hate crimes in Oregon.

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Workers at McKenzie Willamette Hospital say they may strike.

Last weekend, counter-protesters outnumbered Trump supporters at a rally in downtown Eugene.

Rachael McDonald

Forecasts for thunderstorms have put fire managers on alert for new fire starts, pertussis is confirmed in Lincoln County, local activists respond to the recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, and despite those incidents, a pro-Trump group plans to rally in downtown Eugene with their guns.