Oregon legislature

Proceedings in the Oregon House have been delayed by at least one more day, after a second confirmed case of COVID-19 within the Capitol.

In an email Sunday, House Speaker Tina Kotek’s office announced that two floor sessions scheduled for Monday would not occur “because some individuals who were in the Capitol are still waiting for results or may need to test as a result” of the new confirmed case.

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An Oregon lawmaker who allowed far-right demonstrators into the state Capitol last month now faces formal discipline and fines. He’s also losing unfettered access to the statehouse.

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Authorities are investigating whether demonstrators who gained access to the Oregon State Capitol last month were allowed in purposefully by a state lawmaker.

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Oregon Capitol staffers attempting to form a union encountered a potential roadblock on Tuesday.
Their employer says they’re not allowed.

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Starting in January, 2021, Oregonians without proof of legal presence will be able to apply for a driver's license. 

Landlords sue to invalidate Oregon eviction bans

Dec 22, 2020
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With Oregon expected to continue a statewide eviction ban for at least six more months, three landlords are asking a judge to end the policy.

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Oregon state lawmakers offered relief for landlords and tenants on Monday, despite a disorderly backdrop that included protesters bashing in doors to the statehouse and shoving journalists.

Oregon Calls Special Session for COVID-19 Relief

Dec 15, 2020
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Tuesday morning that she is calling for a one-day special legislative session next week.

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For Oregonians that have been struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 crisis, the next few weeks could be dire.

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Oregonians would have an easier time figuring out what’s recyclable under a proposal headed to state lawmakers.

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The Oregon legislature will feature a few new faces next year, but most incumbents held onto their seats.

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A task force created by the Oregon legislature to examine the potential for universal health care in the state will hold its first meeting Wednesday.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Three projects along the central Oregon coast will have to do without state funding, at least for now.

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People in Oregon can now have things notarized through the internet. That’s due to a bill approved by lawmakers during the special session in June. It's now been signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown.

Oregon State University

Colleges and universities in Oregon are still unsure what their fall terms will look like amid the ongoing uncertainties caused by the coronavirus.

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More than one week after the election, the results of a Republican legislative primary in parts of Linn and Marion County is still too close to call.

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As more Oregon businesses and institutions are re-opening following COVID-19 lockdowns, state lawmakers are looking ahead to a possible second wave of the virus later this year.

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The results for the Republican nomination for a state House seat in eastern Linn and Marion Counties are getting narrower.

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At least 700 high school students from across Oregon attended the event. In its 82nd year, the conference serves as an educational opportunity for middle school and high school students to learn about forestry practices and available career opportunities in the industry—such as wild land firefighting, equipment operation, millwork, and silviculture.

Oregon State University

The ongoing walkout by most Republicans in the Oregon legislature over climate change legislation is putting the fate of many other bills in doubt, including a measure that would fund construction and renovation projects at public universities.

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  Republicans in the Oregon Senate say they will boycott the legislature to deny Democrats a vote on climate change legislation.

Oregon State University

Oregon could soon have a commission that would promote industrial hemp and fund research into the crop.

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An Oregon House panel advanced a measure Thursday that would establish building standards for critical infrastructure in tsunami zones.

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An Oregon lawmaker made her pitch Monday for a bill that would double the penalties for people convicted of rioting if they are wearing a mask at the time of the riot.

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Oregon parents have until February 19 to have their children up-to-date on their immunizations or claim an exemption.

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The Oregon Department of Transportation is warning drivers of possible delays around the state Thursday as hundreds of trucks head toward the state capitol for a rally.

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A bill heard Monday in the Oregon House Judiciary Committee would require most businesses to accept cash.

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Oregon lawmakers return to the state capitol Monday for a legislative session that’s sure to be packed with drama.

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Democrats in the Oregon Senate say they want to reduce the ability of lawmakers in the minority to grind legislative business to a halt.

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Oregon lawmakers are returning to the state capitol starting Monday, January 13, for a final round of meetings before the 2020 legislative session kicks off next month.