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Elizabeth Gabriel, Brian Bull, Melorie Begay, Oregon Office of Emergency Management

Three Democrats have declared they’re running for Oregon Secretary of State in 2020, Springfield raises flags to celebrate Indegenous People’s Day, The University of Oregon opens its new Black Student Union, Eugene holds coffin races this month, Great Oregon Shake-Out

Those stories and more in this edition of the Northwest Passage podcast. Join KLCC's News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporters Elizabeth Gabriel and Brian Bull. 

Tiffany Eckert, Brian Bull, Rachael McDonald

Lane County plans for a new Housing First Apartment complex for people who've been chronically homeless. We debrief KLCC's recent Community Conversation on racism, hate, Oregon's history, and the media. Those topics and more on the Northwest Passage podcast with KLCC's News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporter Melorie Begay.

Rachael McDonald and Brian Bull

Brian Bull, Rachael McDonald, Eugene 4J

Oregon Pushes forward with an action plan on climate change. Classified staff at the state’s Public Universities prepare to go on strike. And scientific evidence shows cats actually can form bonds with people.Those stories and more in this edition of the Northwest Passage podcast.

Rachael McDonald, Brian Bull, NPR Chris Lehman / KLCC

Public University workers  in Oregon have voted to authorize a strike just as students prepare to go back to class. Eugene holds an emergency preparedness fair. And we remember NPR and ABC reporter and commentator Cokie Roberts who passed away this week.

Kristian Foden-Vencil, Alan Hester, National Archives, Brian Bull

Nationally, there’ve been 6 deaths traced to vaping including one in Oregon. Opioid addiction is leading to overflows at a dusk to dawn homeless camp in Eugene. And an update on the case of 400 cats on a Veneta property

Brian Bull; Melorie Begay; Office of Lucy Vinis

In this week's installment of The Northwest Passage, our roundtable of journalists discuss a Lane County homestead that's seen a boom of felines, politicians wanting to rein in the cost of pharmaceuticals, Springfield's quest for a warming center, and Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis announcing a re-election bid, among other topics.

KLCC reporters Brian Bull, Chris Lehman, and Amy Brenneman share their latest stories with morning host Anni Katz, as well as regional or national topics that captured their interest.

Copyright 2019, KLCC. 

A fire at the popular hiking spot Mount Pisgah burned more than 50 acres last week, it was caused by a mower.

Springfield’s City Attorney calls for police to wear body cams. An unofficial count tallied more than 38 thousand people who are homeless in the Portland metro area. And we talk with reporter Melorie Begay about her recent reporting on hate crimes in Oregon.

Brian Bull; Rick Obst; Tiffany Eckert; Gov. Brown's Office; Rachael McDonald / KLCC;

Workers at McKenzie Willamette Hospital say they may strike.

Last weekend, counter-protesters outnumbered Trump supporters at a rally in downtown Eugene.

Rachael McDonald

Forecasts for thunderstorms have put fire managers on alert for new fire starts, pertussis is confirmed in Lincoln County, local activists respond to the recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, and despite those incidents, a pro-Trump group plans to rally in downtown Eugene with their guns. 

Inciweb; Oregon State Police; Brian Bull; Amy Brenneman; Todd Sonflieth / Inciweb; OSP; KLCC; OPB

The latest on the Milepost 97 Fire near Canyonville, a teen girls’ fire summer camp, a program to clean-up Eugene sidewalks, and more. 

Brian Bull; Rachael McDonald; YouTube; IanSane / KLCC;, YouTube

Eugene City Councilors vote twice on a resolution condemning white supremacy, Governor Kate Brown signs legislation that changes youth sentencing guidelines, Greenhill Humane Society gets renovated,  Cascadia Subduction Zone, bison, butterflies, and we remember KLCC's Frank Nearing. 

Brian Bull; Tom Banse; Keizer Fire District; and Oregon Coast Aquarium / KLCC; Northwest News Network; Keizer Fire District; Oregon Coast Aquarium

The City of Eugene dedicates money to a homeless shelter, but without a location or timeline, Republicans start gathering signatures to recall Democratic Governor Kate Brown, cougars are spotted in Lane County, and we learn about the musical genre Wizard Rock. That's all part of this week's episode of the Northwest Passage. 

Rachael McDonald

The Oregon legislature is still mopping up after a rancorous session, the Eugene Police Auditor has released a report that paints a not-so-positive picture of the EPD, Oregonians can get a Smokey Bear licence plate, and Jazzercise turns 50 this year along with the Oregon Country Fair. 

Rachael McDonald

The Republican boycott of climate legislation continues in Salem. We get an update and analysis on the situation that has brought national attention to Oregon. 

Brian Bull

Oregon's Senate Republicans walk out to avoid voting on a Cap and Trade bill. It's the 2nd time they've wallked out this session. 

21 youths suing the government over climate change were in court this week in Portland. We discuss that lawsuit, firefigher health, the heavy grass pollen in the Willamette Valley, the latest from the Oregon legislature and more in this week's podcast. Join KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition Host Anni Katz, and reporters Brian Bull and Chris Lehman.

Note: The Northwest Passage will be off the week of June 11th - 14th. 

Bradley Parks; Pedro Ribeiro Simoes; European Parliament; BagoGames; Sancho McCann / OPB;

In this edition we discuss the late Oregon Senator Jackie Winters, who died this week prompting tributes from fellow lawmakers.  We also discuss Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden's response to Robert Mueller's statement on the Russian investigation, Lane County's annual Homeless Point In Time count, efforts to ban plastic bags statewide, gourmet smores, and a 65-year-old radioactive lizard's latest film. Join KLCC News Reporters Brian Bull and Chris Lehman, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and Diversity Fellow Melorie Begay for our weekly podcast, the Northwest Passage.

Brian Bull; ODOT; Jim Bowen; Steven Leung; Melorie Begay / KLCC; ODOT;

This week, we share our cartoon crushes, get an update on Oregon's legislative session, hear about controversy about a statue on the UO campus, and discuss the results of Tuesday's special election. Join KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporters Brian Bull and Chris Lehman for our weekly podcast, the Northwest Passage. 

Melorie Begay; Billy Black; PBS Kids; Brian Bull; Jim Bowen / KLCC;; PBS

Oregonians will get a kicker next year, legislators passed an education bill, Eugene Police helped build tiny houses, turkeys caused a power outage, these are just some of the stories we discuss in this week's Northwest Passage. 

Thousands of Oregon teachers walked out of class Wednesday to call for more K-12 funding. KLCC's weekly podcast features News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition Host Anni Katz, and reporters Brian Bull and Aubrey Bulkeley. We discuss the week's big news stories and what stuck with us this week. 

Ka'Ila Farrell; The GreeneWorks; Bob Bekiam; Brian Bull /; KLCC

William Shatner, Phish Studies, Native Artists, School Funding.  In this week's edition of the Northwest Passage podcast, KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, reporters Brian Bull and Karen Richards discuss the weeks local and regional stories. They also talk about Karen's recent story about Native American artists in Oregon, Brian's interview with William Shatner, and their favorite highlights of the week.

Wikipedia, Flkr, Tiffany Eckert, Rachael McDonald

KLCC News Director Rachael McDonald, Morning Edition host Anni Katz, and reporters Brian Bull and Tiffany Eckert discuss the news stories on KLCC this week in our new weekly podcast The Northwest Passage.