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Recovery plan drafted for threatened Oregon spotted frog

Teal Waterstrat
An Oregon spotted frog.

The Oregon spotted frog is not spotted as frequently these days, due to a significant population decrease. The US Fish and Wildlife Service hopes to remedy this with a new draft recovery plan.

Federally listed as a threatened species in 2014, the Oregon spotted frog has lost over 76 percent of its former range. The species is no longer found in California, and the population in the Pacific Northwest is dwindling.

US Fish and Wildlife biologist Jennifer O’Reilly says habitat alteration, disease, and predators have placed Oregon spotted frogs in jeopardy. Climate change can exacerbate these threats.

“A lot of folks wonder why it’s important to recover a frog," she said. "By restoring these habitats for spotted frogs, we’re providing a lot of benefits for other species. And also for humans.”

Researchers will continue to monitor Oregon spotted frogs and their egg counts until there is enough population growth to go from a threatened species to a sensitive species.

Jasmine Lewin was a freelance reporter in 2022 and 2023. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Lewin wrote for the University of Oregon quarterly magazine Ethos before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.
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