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UCC Strong Committee Approves Additional Aid to Victims

Umpqua Community College

The UCC Strong Fund continues to support victims in the aftermath of the Umpqua Community College shooting. This week the committee unanimously voted to distribute twenty-five hundred dollars to each student or staff member who was in the same room or adjoining rooms as the shooter.

This is the second phase of funding for victims of the UCC shooting. The committee has approved additional funds to families of the deceased and to those who were in or near the room of the shooting.
Brian Prawitz is with the UCC Strong Committee.

Prawitz: “The students and staff that were in the adjoining rooms during the attack suffered as well and saw and experienced things that have affected them. Between just the grief of what happened and the trauma that they experienced they are as close to as being primary victims of this event as some of the people who survived in room 15.”
Prawitz says families have been using funds for heat and electric bills, tuition for other family members, and groceries. There are no restrictions placed on money given.
The committee also approved up to $5,000 for victims with hospital stays.
The UCC Fund has raised almost $1 million and continues to receive contributions.

For more information on UCC Strong go to their website. Also, UCC Students who were on campus the day of the tragedy may be eligible for relief aid from the Department of Justice. The application can be foundhere.

Note:  Prawitz adds that it is important that people know the Phase II funding is going to those who were in Snyder Hall 14, 15, and 16 only.

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