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KLCC's Oregon Rainmakers: Cathy Rosewell Jonas, Founder of EPIC Healing Eugene - Oregon's First Licensed Psilocybin Service Center

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Cathy Rosewell Jonas

A conversation between Cathy Rosewell Jonas, the state’s first licensed psilocybin practitioner and Oregon Rainmaker’s Michael Dunne

Many people who are dealing with PTSD and profound depression are very interested in therapy.
Cathy Rosewell Jonas

Cathy Rosewell Jonas, a licensed clinical social worker understands that for many, therapy with mind-altering chemicals can bring about profound change and help. A practitioner who has worked with patients and ketamine therapy, she knew that a new frontier of therapy with psychedelics was close at hand.

“So, when I heard that Oregon was going to legalize psilocybin in service centers, I knew I wanted to be in that line,” Jonas said.

And it turns out she was first in line. Today, Jonas and the center she founded, Eugene Psychedelic Integrative Center or EPIC Healing Eugene became Oregon’s first licensed psilocybin service center. Soon, Jonas and EPIC will begin offering psychedelic therapy sessions to clients age 21 and older.

Fresh off completing 300 hours of psilocybin therapy training, Jones and team already have a substantial waiting list of potential clients.

“Many people who are dealing with PTSD and profound depression are very interested in therapy,” says Jonas.

EPIC Healing Eugene will offer individualized psychedelic preparation and integration sessions and Jonas believes they will be able to treat upwards of 30 clients every month.

Michael Dunne is the host of KLCC's Oregon Rainmakers podcast. Do you have a suggestion for an Oregon Rainmaker's guest or topic? Email Michael at mdunne@klcc.org.