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Earth Day in Oregon: Progress and setback

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Today is Earth Day. For 54 years, individuals and communities have used this day to recognize the need to defend our environment and promote sustainability.

So, how are we doing as a state and a community?

On this edition of Oregon On the Record, we talk with Sristi Kamal of the Western Environmental Law Center and Representative Pam Marsh, chair of the House Committee on Climate, Energy and Environment .

In their view, Oregon’s record on environmental sustainability is a little like hiking up a sand dune on the coast. One step forward, one step back, then another forward. Progress is being made, but the overall journey is slow and painstaking. The ultimate question is whether that progress is fast enough to make a meaningful difference in the face of climate change.

Michael Dunne is the host of KLCC's public affairs show Oregon On The Record. He also hosts the business-focused podcast, Oregon Rainmakers. Do you have a suggestion for a guest or topic? Email Michael at mdunne@klcc.org.