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Protests and the media: Coverage and also collaboration

Nathan Wilk
Nathan Wilk

On this edition of Oregon On The Record, you'll hear from Will Yurman, an Instructor of Journalism at the University of Oregon and Evan Reynolds of the Daily Emerald about how the media covers college protests.

If a media story is like a recipe, than the campus protests seen across the nation and in Eugene have all the perfect ingredients: Angry students chanting and yelling? Check. The visual of brightly colored tents occupying quads and lawns? Check. The potential for and real-time clashes with police. Check.

Those ingredients make it easy to answer the when, what, and where of the media coverage, but sometimes the how and even the why are more difficult to answer.

Michael Dunne is the host of KLCC's public affairs show Oregon On The Record. He also hosts the business-focused podcast, Oregon Rainmakers. Do you have a suggestion for a guest or topic? Email Michael at mdunne@klcc.org.