Anti-Kavanaugh Activists To Hold Eugene Rally Sunday

Aug 24, 2018

Critics of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will have a chance to voice their opposition Sunday in Eugene. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, organizers of the “Unite for Justice Rally” list a number of concerns over Brett Kavanaugh.

Several local activist groups - including Indivisible Eugene - are staging a rally Sunday opposing President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Credit Wikipedia/Indivisible Eugene Facebook cover photo

The groups MoveOn, Friends of the Earth, and Indivisible Eugene will gather at the Federal Courthouse at noon, Sunday. They say women’s reproductive rights, the environment, and gay, lesbian, and transgender rights are all threatened should Kavanaugh be placed on the nation’s highest court.

Organizer Gabrielle Raviolo says given Trump’s alleged covering up of extramarital affairs and possible collusion with Russia, the nomination is tainted.

“We do not believe that a sitting President who has been implicated should have the power to put somebody on the Supreme Court, somebody who has the chance to sit on the court for decades," says Raviolo. "And let’s say Kavanaugh were to be appointed, he would be able to help Trump get through these implications.”

Congressional Democrats are calling for a postponement of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing September 4th.

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