Architect Who Shaped Lane Community College's Earliest Looks Remembered

Jul 13, 2017

A Eugene architect involved in Lane Community College’s original design in the 1960s has died.  KLCC’s Brian Bull has this remembrance of Grant Seder.

Alan Grantham ("Grant") Seder, architect.
Credit Mark Seder

Seder was one of a handful of architects who tackled the project, in a relatively tight window. 

LCC was founded in 1964, with the campus expected to be built and ready for its first class four years later.  

Aerial view of freshly-built LCC campus, 1968.
Credit Lane Community College / Skyview Aerial Surveys

Seder is survived by his son, Mark, who is an architect himself in Portland.  He says his father was generally happy with how Lane Community College turned out…with distinctively broad wooden trusses and concrete beams.

“Because they were dealing with some long span buildings, they had pretty significant structural members spanning long distances," says Mark Seder.  

A builder assembles one of the LCC campus buildings in 1968. Mark Seder says his father's mark can be seen in the wooden trusses in the background.
Credit Lane Community College /

"Creating a lot of open space, for things like aeronautics, engineering, and gave the original campus maybe a little bit of a “village” feel about it just because of shapes and some of the elements, were different and complementary. 

"It was a real nice achievement.”  

Grant Seder was 92 when he died in late June.  His service will be Friday afternoon in Eugene’s Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute…a former Unitarian church he designed.  

Interior of Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Temple, formerly a Unitarian Church that Grant Seder designed.
Credit Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute website. /

Note: The service for Grant Seder will be held at 2pm on Friday, July 14th, 2017 at the Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Temple, at 477 East 40th Avenue in Eugene. 

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