COVID-19 Case "Cluster" Includes U of O Students; Transmissions Linked To Partying

Jun 23, 2020

Lane County Public Health has identified a COVID-19 “cluster” in the Eugene/Springfield area. The new case group—at least 7 people so far-- includes 3 University of Oregon students. Transmission appears to have occurred while bar-hopping. 

Without classrooms and auditoriums to gather, some college students choose to go out on the town. A COVID-19 case cluster has been identified after U of O students and friends transmitted the virus while allegedly "bar-hopping" without social distancing.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Classes are still being held remotely so most student contacts are happening off campus. Public Health’s Jason Davis says the initial case, identified as a U of O student, prompted contact investigations into other cases. 

“Even though they’re admitting to maybe not socially distancing, not wearing masks, they’ve been very candid, very truthful and really wanting to be part of the solution.”

Davis says, public health messaging may be getting lost on teens and twenty-somethings. 

Lane County Public Health building in downtown Eugene.
Credit Lane County Public Health-Summit South

“Just because you as an individual might not be traumatically affected by COVID… there’s a social responsibility piece.”

Public Health has not identified the business names of bars involved because there is no current threat of wider spread.