Eugene City Council Approves Plans For Growth

Jul 21, 2015

Eugene is working on a plan for growth into the next two decades. The City Council Monday approved a "baseline" Urban Growth Boundary crafted by its Envision Eugene project.

Downtown Eugene
Credit City of Eugene

Several years ago, Envision Eugene got started, mapping a course for the city's future into 2032 when its population is expected to grow by 34 thousand. Terri Harding is Principal Planner:

Harding: "What the council did was they took a look at a hybrid option that uses the population forecast that we've been using all throughout Envision Eugene, establishes our urban growth boundary with no expansion for housing at this time but immediately commits time and resources to doing code updates, growth monitoring and urban reserves planning."

The two expansion areas are into the Clear Lake area of north Eugene and in Santa Clara. Harding says the council decision was not the last word. The city will be holding hearings and meetings in the fall to finalize its Urban Growth Boundary expansion plans.