Eugene Presents A 2nd Climate Action Plan

Nov 17, 2019

Eugene City Councilors will grapple with climate change at their Monday 11/18 work session. The public can also weigh in on the city’s Climate Action Plan 2.0.

A view of Eugene from atop Skinner Butte.
Credit Rachael McDonald / KLCC

The CAP 2.0 comes out of a 2 year process and is a follow up to the city’s first Climate Action Plan released in 2010. Chelsea Clinton is Sustainability Manager for the City of Eugene. She says this plan outlines ways the community can reduce its carbon footprint and prepare for the effects of climate change locally.

“The plan is really a roadmap to help us stay focused on where we can be most impactful, what’s most important to our marginalized communities and what are the best data-driven approaches to reaching our goals.”

The plan looks at options for natural resources, transportation and consumption that can help reduce the impact on climate. People can learn more about the CAP 2.0 at the upcoming Fix-it Fair on November 24th at the Lane Events Center. The City Council is expected to take final action on the CAP 2.0 on Monday, January 15.