Information Sought In July 25th Punching Incident Between Man, Cyclist

Jul 31, 2020

Eugene Police detectives are trying to learn the identities of a male suspect – and a cyclist, presumed to be a juvenile - who was punched by the man during last Saturday’s protest.

In a series of stills from a video, an adult male (red shirt, white cap, olive vest or flak jacket) encounters - then strikes - a cyclist, whom police believe to be a younger, juvenile person.
Credit Provided by EPD

Online video footage shows the adult male walking through Eugene as an EPD officer tells the crowd over a loudspeaker to disperse after that night’s destructive activity.  The male appears to make obscene hand gestures at several protesters, before the younger person rolls up before him on their bike.  Suddenly, the man lunges, hitting the cyclist in the face.  

The punching suspect (left), and a person who was seen accompanying him (right). EPD investigators are hoping to learn more about who these men are, as well as the cyclist who was hit during the July 25, 2020 protest.
Credit Provided by EPD

Both the assailant and victim left the scene shortly afterwards.  Police say the incident happened near Oak and East 7th.   

Investigators say if anyone has information about the incident or any of the involved subjects, to please contact Detective Jeffrey Baugh at (541)682-5292. 

Additionally, if anyone has other video evidence of the encounter, they are encouraged to send it via email to Baugh at

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