Metallic Winged Sculpture To Be Made From Holiday Farm Fire Remnants

Feb 24, 2021

“Making art from heartache” could be one way to describe a sculpture project that uses salvaged metal from the Holiday Farm Fire. The finished piece will honor the fortitude of McKenzie River Corridor residents.

Jamee Savidge, outside the remnants of several Blue River businesses including the gas station.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Roughly two truckloads of scrap metal from locals in the fire-ravaged areas have been gathered, totaling about a ton of material. Jamee Savidge is with the McKenzie Community Development Corporation, which called for the donations.  She describes the theme of the sculpture.

Ruins in Blue River, nearly six months after the Holiday Farm Fire.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“It’s gonna look something like wings, so that people can stand in front of them and look like they’re being protected, y’know…phoenix or eagle, something along those lines. This is 100 percent about the resilience and the strength of this community.”

Through an anonymous donation, local artist Jud Turner has been commissioned to create the sculpture, which is expected to take 4 to 5 months. Besides the MCDC, Eugene’s Arts and Business Alliance, Love for Lane County, and Cinema by Niko Smart are project partners.

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