New Website Lets Oregonians See Inspection Reports For Food, Hotels, and Pool Facilities

Jan 23, 2018

If you’re wondering how Oregon’s restaurants rate for cleanliness, or if the hotel you’re considering staying at is pest-free, there’s a new online tool to help with that. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

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With 25,000 licensed dining, pool, and lodging facilities across Oregon, it’s hard to look up every individual report that lists violations. Now the Oregon Health Authority has a website called HealthSpace that lets users search by county and business name any place that’s been licensed and inspected. This includes warehouses and recreational parks.

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Dave Martin is the OHA’s Foodborne Illness Prevention Program Coordinator. He says it’s important to remember even the best maintained business has the occasional violation. It’s best to see what kind of violation’s been recorded, and if there’s a history.

“These facilities are busy operations," says Martin. "Most them operate year-round, and while many, many, restaurants and pool facilities will get perfect scores, many will have an occasional violation here and there of varying types, and so it’s fairly common.”

HealthSpace is available in 34 out of 36 Oregon Counties. Washington and Multnomah Counties currently use their own licensing and inspection websites.

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