Occupy Medical Now Serves Clients At River Avenue COVID Recovery Center

Jun 18, 2020

This week, Lane County was approved for $5.3 million dollars in federal CARES Act funding. The award includes reimbursement for the purchase cost of 100 River Avenue COVID-19 Recovery Center in Eugene.

Lane County just received CARES Act funding to reimburse purchase cost of 100 River Avenue property which contains a COVID-19 Recovery Center and Alternative Health Clinic run by Occupy Medical Eugene.
Credit Melorie Begay

Sue Sierralupe is Program Director for Occupy Medical Eugene. They now operate out of the River Avenue site. She says most clients come in with only the clothes on their backs and some paperwork.

“Many times really the COVID-19 diagnosis or suspect diagnosis is the least of the problems,” Sierralupe said. “Diabetes and other co-morbidities are far, far stronger and those are things that our team is well adapted to serve.”

Patients are offered meals, laundry and hygiene services. Sierraloupe says Occupy Medical has a “judgement free model” so that people can truly heal.

Lane County Public Health virtual press briefing Thursday (06/18/20) Sue Sierralupe (right) is Program Manager with Occupy Medical Eugene. She describes working out of the River Avenue COVID-19 Recovery Center.
Credit Lane County Public Health video