For Oregon Job Outlook, Today's Blessings May Create Tomorrow's Challenges

Jul 2, 2018

Oregon is experiencing continued job growth and record low unemployment. However, as KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, there’s challenges ahead.

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The Oregon Employment Department has released figures confirming what appears to be a rosy picture, at least for now.

“So Oregon’s total employment is expected to grow by about 246,000 jobs, and that’s about a 12 percent increase over a 10-year period," says Gail Krumenauer, Senior Economic Analyst for the OED.  "We’re looking in between 2017 and 2027.”

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The catch, says Krumenauer, is that these factors can make it hard for Oregon businesses to fill vacancies. And it’s expected that within the decade, one out of five new jobs will be in healthcare, adding to the need.

“Especially when you consider that for every one new job created, there will be another nine jobs that businesses will need newly trained workers to replace those who are retiring or leaving the labor force.”

Krumenauer says businesses can help relieve hiring challenges if they highlight job opportunities in the years ahead.

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