Police Categorize Recent Spate Of Robberies In Eugene

Mar 28, 2018

Police are investigating at least 11 robberies that have occurred in Eugene since February 23rd. The latest was Tuesday when a man says his bicycle was stolen at gunpoint by two men in west Eugene.

Info-graphic from Eugene Police.
Credit Eugene Police

Eugene Police Lieutenant David Natt says they’ve categorized the recent robberies: Deli, store, street and strong-arm. They’ve also stepped up patrols:
“With the increased patrols in the areas, particularly around campus, toward the end of last week have been well-received. We’ve received lots of positive comments about our presence down there and the enhanced University of Oregon patrol presence.”
Arrests have been made in the deli robberies. Natt says they believe the deli cases were not related to the others but have not ruled out connections between the store, street and strong-arm robberies. Natt advises people to pay attention to their surroundings. At least two of the armed robberies were of young women walking alone near the U of O.