Proposed Budget Includes No Cuts For City of Eugene

Apr 21, 2019

Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz will deliver his 2020 budget to the City Council on Wednesday. He calls the $677 million spending plan a solid one.

Credit City of Eugene

What’s new in the budget is increased funds for CAHOOTS, animal services, neighborhood livability, and early literacy. Ruiz says the $100-thousand investment in early literacy would establish a partnership with Bethel and 4j school districts. Ruiz says the ability to read leads to a more capable workforce.

“And in that, over the next 10, 15 years, we have a different community around competitiveness for people that we can hire and also reduce the impacts on the future public safety and public health system.”

The budget is also putting money into clearing brush in the urban, wildland interface on the edges of the city to reduce the risk of wildfire. Ruiz says the city is also working to improve housing affordability and reduce homelessness in Eugene.