Rezoning Approved for Springfield Mobile Home Park

Oct 22, 2019

It’s looking like residents of the Patrician Mobile Home Park in Springfield may have to move. After several delays on a vote, the Springfield City Council has approved the rezoning of the land to mixed-use commercial.

Patrician Mobile Home Park in Springfield, OR.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The owner of the park, Urban Transitions LLC, says the change will stimulate job growth and provide new housing options. The rezoning will permit the development of businesses like a conference center, restaurants and apartments.

Opponents say rezoning will lead to Patrician residents becoming homeless. Some consider the change unconstitutional or a violation of Oregon law.

The 13.6 acre park contains over 80 manufactured and mobile homes for residents ages 55 and older. Monday's vote means they’ll likely have to relocate but it looks like they have about 4 years - the Patrician landlord has asked residents to sign an amendment to their lease that would ensure the park would stay open through January 2023.