Security Breach Affects Oregon Veterans

Dec 29, 2015

The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs is investigating a security breach that may have compromised the personal information of nearly 1000 vets.

When veterans leave the military they receive a Certificate of Discharge from Active Duty. Cameron Smith, Director of the Oregon Department of Veteran’s Affairs says this paperwork may have been in the possession of someone who was not authorized to have it.

Cameron Smith is Director of the Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs.
Credit Oregon Dept. of Veterans' Affairs

Smith: “And we have a full investigation pending. But we did have enough preliminary information that 967 Oregon veterans’ information, personal information, had been shared outside of our agency. Something that we take very seriously.”
Smith says all veterans who may have been affected have been notified and offered free credit monitoring services for a year. Smth says the department is reviewing its policies around veterans’ privacy.