Settlement Announced Between Springfield Wood Products Company And California City

Aug 13, 2019

A settlement has been reached between Roseburg Forest Products and the small California city of Weed, in a suit filed over water rights.

The Siskiyou County Superior Court approved the settlement terms, resolving a legal feud that’s waged for three years.  It states that Roseburg Forest Products – based in Springfield, Oregon – can divert water from Beughan Springs at the rate of four cubic feet per second. 

“I’d like to note that the lease we have between Roseburg and the City of Weed to provide the city 1.5 cubic feet per second of water for the next 10-15 years remains in place, and will not be changed,” says company spokesperson Rebecca Taylor.

Roseburg acquired the water rights in 1983, after buying the Weed veneer plant and nearby land from International Paper.

The City of Weed has agreed to end all claims to the water rights, and acknowledges no ownership interest in the water. Officials are looking for alternative sources.

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