Wild Winter Means Lane County Clean-up Will Press On For Months

Feb 11, 2017

Across Lane County, road crews are still cleaning up debris and damage from last December’s ice storm.  And as KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, the recent heavy rains aren’t giving workers much of a break.  

Utility, city, and county trucks and crews have become a common sight all across Eugene since the mid-December ice storm.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Lane County Public Works is dealing with more than a million dollars’ worth of damages across the region. They still have crews removing split trees and sawing apart collapsed branches. 

On top of that, torrential downpours have fallen over much of the state…to where Governor Kate Brown has extended a previous disaster declaration by 30 days.

Devon Ashbridge is a spokeswoman for Lane County.  She says there’s never a dull moment for their road crews.

“As far as winter storm cleanup, that’s likely to last for a few more months," Ashbridge tells KLCC.  

"This last week though with the heavy rains, we’ve also had our crews responding to a multitude of landslides especially in west Lane County, that Florence and Mapleton area. 

"It would really help if it would stop raining for a while.” 

Motorists are advised to be cautious and avoid flooded areas.  The Storm Road Tracker app recently launched by Lane County shows reported closures and hazards.