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The University of Oregon has seen a spike in students and employees testing positive for COVID-19 in recent weeks.

191 people associated with UO have tested positive in the past 14 days. That includes 103 on-campus students, 85 off-campus students and three employees. 

In all of December, the university reported a total combined 103 students and employees with positive test results.

Oregon has its first case of the new, more contagious U.K. variant of COVID-19, the Oregon Health Authority announced on Friday.

On Saturday, the University of Portland reported that it was a staff member previously diagnosed with COVID-19 who had been found to have been infected with the U.K. variant.

Dr. Dean Sidelinger, the state epidemiologist, called the detection of the first case of this variant strain in Oregon a concern.

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Oregon has its first case of the new, more contagious U.K. variant of COVID-19, the Oregon Health Authority announced on Friday.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said increased vaccine shipments will not arrive next week. The head of the state health authority said this puts vaccination efforts “at grave risk.”

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An Oregon lawmaker is getting some push back for his movement to target people who file complaints about businesses that are not following safety guidelines.

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On this week's Friday show, Lane County Public Health's COVID response Incident Commander Steve Adams and Lane County Senior Public Health Officer Dr. Patrick Luedtke speak with KLCC's Rachael McDonald about the vaccine rollout. 

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As COVID-19 vaccines are administered across Oregon, a big part of their reception by residents will depend on messaging.

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The Eugene 4J school district unanimously approved a COVID-19 temporary leave program during their Wednesday school board meeting. This comes after the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act expired on Dec. 31.

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Lane County Public Health officials announced they will hold two COVID-19 vaccination clinics this weekend. The mass vax opportunities are only for high-risk health care providers in a specific group.

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After schools closed for winter break, Gov. Kate Brown announced on Dec. 23 that school reopening restrictions would shift from mandatory to advisory recommendations. This was with the goal of having more schools statewide return to some form of in-person learning by Feb. 15. 

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Athletics will resume for Eugene 4J school district students on Jan. 25. Director of High School Education Andy Dey said some sports, such as football, basketball, dance, cheer, and wrestling will not have competitions.  

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A fitness center in Salem has been fined for operating out of compliance and willfully exposing employees to COVID-19. It’s the largest penalty related to the pandemic issued to an Oregon employer.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is speeding up the schedule for expanding COVID-19 vaccine access to everyone 65 and older as well as to childcare providers and K-12 teachers and staff.

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Lane County Public Health officials were shocked at the size of their allocation of COVID-19 vaccine this week. Despite readiness to administer thousands of shots, the county only received 100 doses from the state.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Clinical trials for coronavirus vaccines continue and volunteers are still needed. Velocity Clinical Research in Medford is currently recruiting up to 400 people to take part in coronavirus vaccine studies.

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The City of Eugene wants locals to help inform officials on how COVID-19 has affected them, through an online survey.

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Oregon National Guard members will assist with COVID-19 vaccine distribution at the state fairgrounds starting Tuesday.


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A recent survey conducted by researchers with the University of Oregon asked a random sample of state residents about their stance on masking, social distancing and getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Results indicate Oregonians are not 'all in' on prevention tactics. 

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Hear a conversation with two Eugene doctors who participated in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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Lane County Public Health has received its first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine. 

Eugene Springfield Fire

Last week, Eugene/Springfield Fire received its first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. They got 1,000 doses. Acting Fire Chief Chris Heppel said they immediately began administering shots to first responders.


Public health officials in Lincoln County are searching for eligible recipients to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

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Officials in Marion County will launch a mass vaccination clinic Thursday, Jan. 7 at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem.




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According to the Oregon Health Authority, 51,255 Oregonians have received a COVID-19 vaccine as of Tuesday. Nine of them have received two doses and are fully immunized.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Lane County Public Health officials announced Tuesday they have seen the first patient to be diagnosed with both COVID-19 and Influenza.

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You might think that backcountry skiers wouldn’t have to worry about the pandemic. But a group that helps rescue wayward skiers says the coronavirus will affect its ability to provide aid on the trails.


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The City of Eugene plans to distribute millions of units of Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, to small businesses and nonprofits for free this month. Eligible businesses and organizations can begin applying on Jan. 12.

3 Arrested After New Year’s Day Protests in Salem

Jan 3, 2021
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Demonstrations in Salem that devolved into tense confrontations downtown on New Year’s Day led to three arrests, the Salem Police Department said on Saturday.

OSU Cascades

Oregon State University researchers in Bend are trying to understand how different communities, both nationally and locally, have responded to public health messaging about the coronavirus pandemic.