Damian Radcliffe

Clint Patterson / Unsplash

The dirge of propaganda, half-truths, and lies seems to be normalized, from the White House podium to your online chat page. But there are ways to counter this problem.

U.S. Secretary of State / Flickr.com/U.S. Govt Work/Public Domain

Last week, we discussed the predicted onslaught of misinformation and disinformation about the 2020 Election with Damian Radcliffe. He’s a journalism professor at the University of Oregon. He and KLCC’s Brian Bull revisited the issue, post-Election Day. Bull started by asking Radcliffe just how rampant the propaganda attack was from his perspective.

University of Oregon

It’s hard to tell sometimes what is true and what isn’t in this age of misinformation and news manipulation. As media consumers, we have to be a little more careful about what to believe.