Eugene Public Library

Rachael Perry / Eugene Public Library

Need wifi? The Eugene Public Library is now offering wifi hotspots for check-out. The program is aimed at bridging the digital divide.


Karen Richards

Eugene and Springfield residents can now get back to the stacks and browse books. Local public libraries opened their doors this month.

Aubrey Bulkeley

For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the Eugene Public Library is hosting a collaborative art installation called one thousand hopes. Coordinator Sara Miura Zolbrod drew on her experiences as an Asian Jewish American to create the project.



Madison Wilson, Eugene Public Library Foundation

The Eugene Public Library may soon be lending the internet. KLCC has more on a campaign to raise money for portable wifi hotspots.


Eugene Public Library

A Eugene ballot measure to renew a five-year levy for the Eugene Public library has more than 76 percent of votes so far in this year’s election. The local option tax maintains the current level of services and possibly more.


Eugene Public Library

The Windfall Reading Series which highlights writers from throughout the Northwest is going virtual this year. The Lane Literary Guild and Eugene Public Library are adapting with the times.

Karen Richards

A new chapter at the Eugene Public Library starts Monday. Branches have been closed to the public since the start of the pandemic.


Eugene Public Library

In November, Eugene voters will decide whether or not to renew a five year levy for the Eugene Public Library. The current levy, approved by voters in 2015, provides the library with 2.7 million dollars every year. This funding is set to expire in June 2021. 

Eugene Public Library

Two Eugene Public Library services suspended in March as part of pandemic safety measures have restarted this week. 

City of Springfield

As counties across Oregon continue to re-open, so do local libraries. KLCC’s Aubrey Bulkeley found out how some are adapting to new restrictions. 

Eugene Public Library

Area libraries continue to provide services while their doors are closed. From phone help to online materials and streaming programming, they’ve shifted their focus.

Eugene Public Library to Waive Youth Fines

Nov 7, 2019
Eugene Public Library

As Eugene children and families ring in the New Year, they will also celebrate waived library fines.

Lindsay Ellis

Lindsay Ellis, video essayist and author, spoke with KLCC's Amy Brenneman about her upcoming talk at the Eugene Public Library about how science fiction has imagined alien language over the decades.


Rosie Richeson

Wizard rock is a sub-genre of music where it’s all about the Harry Potter series. And, it didn’t exist before brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge created it, performing in Gryffindor ties and Harry Potter glasses.

 NY Times bestselling author, Mary Roach, is known for her books about scientific topics with a humorous twist.

Eugene Public Library

Will O'Hearn was recently hired as Director of the Eugene Public Library. He speaks with KLCC's Barbara Dellenback about his first impressions, the evolving role of libraries in the community and summer reading.

Display Poster for Marco Elliott's Plein Air Paintings exhibit at Eugene's Downtown Library, September through October 2017
Marco Elliott



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Date of Interview: Sept. 1, 2017

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Rachael McDonald

Eugene voters have just one issue to decide in the November 3rd Special Election. It's a levy to expand hours and services at the public library and its branches. It seems like a slam dunk, but critics have raised questions.

Rachael McDonald

Backers of a library funding levy gathered Tuesday in front of the Eugene Public Library downtown to kick off their campaign. Measure 20-35 is a 5-year local option levy to fund library services. It will be on the November 3rd ballot.

Rachael McDonald

The Eugene City Council Monday decided to put a 5-year property tax levy on the November ballot to fund expanded library services.

The $2.7 million levy would add back hours to Sunday mornings at the downtown library. It would also restore 22 hours a week at the Bethel and Sheldon branches.

Eugene Public Library

Eugene voters could see a property tax levy on the November ballot to help fund library services. The City Council discussed several options at its Wednesday work session. The previous library levy was allowed to expire four years ago. The Sheldon, Bethel and downtown branches now receive about 10-million dollars a year from the city's general fund. But the needs of other departments, as well as increased benefits and payroll costs have led to cuts in library hours.

City of Eugene

The Eugene City Council is considering a local option levy to improve public library services. The council heard Wednesday from Library Director Connie Bennett. She described options for a local funding levy. She also told a story of an elderly man who is a regular at the library. He'd been estranged from his family.

Bennett: "Library staff was able to connect him with his sister within a few weeks of her death. With your help we can multiply this kind of story by a thousand-fold by increasing access to library services in Eugene."

A bedbug problem at the Eugene Public Library seems to have been solved. But, the pests are popping up in rentals in Lane County.

St Vincent de Paul Executive Director Terry McDonald says bedbugs do not discriminate.

McDonald: "You can be in a very expensive place or a very modest home or facility and bedbugs can find their way in."

McDonald says he's heard of bedbugs in some of St. Vinnie's rental properties.

Eugene Public Library Holds Community Conversations

Oct 10, 2014

Throughout October, The Eugene Public Library will be holding five open discussions on how it can better satisfy visitors’ needs in the next 10 years.

The Eugene Public Library has looked at what improvements other libraries are making and explored the role of libraries in the future. But director Connie Bennett said there was a big piece missing from their visioning, the community’s voice.

The Eugene Public Library is participating in a program aimed at supporting parents to read to their children. Friday, the library announced it's affiliation with The Dolly Parton Imagination Library. 

City of Eugene

A water line broke Monday at the Eugene Public Library downtown. Fire officials believe the rupture was caused by the unusually cold temperatures.  

Eugene-Springfield Fire Department’s Lance Lighty says the water line was located in the ceiling above the 4th floor.

Lighty:   “They were able to get the water shut off, and then contain it to the 4th floor.  It did drop a bunch of ceiling tiles and got some furniture and stuff wet.  But it sounds like they got the computers and stuff moved out of the area, so there was no damage there.”

Eugene Public Library

The Eugene Public Library has been ranked in the top 3% in the United States for cost-effective service.

Library Journal conducts the ranking. It looks at four factors, including circulation, visits and program attendance. Connie Bennett is Eugene Library's Director. She explains the fourth factor.