Bob Williams / Photo provided by Ballet Fantastique

Halloween during a pandemic already packs a scare factor, but a Eugene dance company is going to up the chills even more Saturday night. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, it’s nothing to lose your head over if you keep your spirits up.


Neighborhoods will be swarming with children tonight as they perform the annual ritual of trick or treating. Kids, parents, residents and motorists are encouraged to follow some Halloween safety tips.

It’s a school night, so kids are expected to be out early, walking along roadways and knocking on doors. Debbie Janecek supervises the Crime Prevention Unit with the Eugene Police Department. She wants to remind drivers to look out for excited little ones who may be in costumes that obstruct hearing or vision.

An Art Exhibit That Will Truly Haunt You

Oct 30, 2014

All Hallows’ Eugene celebrates the spookiest old holiday by creating new downtown traditions on Halloween. Multi-media artist Terry Holloway, one of the creators of the Haunted House Art Exhibit, speaks with Eric Alan about the art installations and why fear isn’t as interesting as the moment just before it. 

State Police Offer Halloween Safety Tips

Oct 30, 2013

Children will be out in the streets trick-or-treating for Halloween. Oregon Department of Transportation is urging motorists to be careful.

O-DOT warns children are twice as likely to be hit and killed by cars on Halloween. The increase in foot traffic has prompted warnings to drivers to be more alert in neighborhoods and areas with more pedestrians. Oregon State Police Lieutenant Gregg Hastings says the best thing children can do is ‘see and be seen.’

The Opal Center for Arts and Education in Cottage Grove has been undergoing expansive growth, after obtaining nonprofit status and hiring a new executive director, Nick Chase. He chats with KLCC's Eric Alan about the center's role in Cottage Grove's downtown revitalization, and about the Arcade Players' Halloween mashup, which integrates the movies Rocky I-IV and The Rocky Horror Picture Show into one odd play.