Analytics Reveal Virtual Fair Visited By Over 52K

Jul 15, 2020

Oregon Country Fair happened online this past weekend. Organizers say the virtual event was a surprising success.  

The 2020 Virtual Fair experience began at the Oregon Country Fair website. Organizers estimate more than 52K unique users "attended."
Credit Oregon Country Fair websites

Volunteers built the virtual Fair and they kept analytics. From the opening ceremony at 11am on Friday—until the “sweep” which guides visitors out the gates at end of Fair on Sunday night—cyber actions were tracked.

Fair Operations Manager Crystalyn Frank reports there were 177,000 views of the Oregon Country Fair website and virtual sites, and an estimated 52,000 unique users. In other words—people.

“We are all so grateful to all the volunteers and incredible artisans, entertainers and everybody who teamed together in this community to create something truly magical during a time when we couldn’t physically gather,” Frank said.

Average weekend attendance for the traditional event in Veneta is around 48,000 folks. She said virtual Fair accomplished its goal of providing an alternative way for tens of thousands of people to safely reconnect this year.

Drumming with March Fourth on Main Stage, the set streamed on the OCF website on Sunday night during virtual Fair.
Credit Oregon Country Fair