Cash Prize Awaits Three Winning Business Proposals For Cottage Grove

Sep 2, 2017

A new competition is offering $10,000 for start-up businesses in Cottage Grove. KLCC’s Brian Bull explains. 

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The Cottage Grove Business Challenge will split up the cash among the top three winning business plans.  First place takes $6000, second place $3000, and third place $1000.

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Micah Elconin is with Rain Eugene, an entrepreneurial group that’s helping coordinate the contest.  He says a panel of judges will pick the best business plans.

“It doesn’t matter if that is a new restaurant that’s serving a specific need in the community, or potentially some software that can turn into the next Facebook," says Elconin.  

"To us, each idea is potentially just as powerful, especially for the local community.   And it’s about who can create a plan that has the most potential to be implemented.” 

The deadline for submissions is September 25th.  Rain Eugene will offer two open mentor sessions prior to that, on September 6th and 20th at the Healing Matrix in Cottage Grove.

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