Layout And Layoffs: More Changes At The Register-Guard

Jun 6, 2018

Changes keep on coming at The Register-Guard, since the newspaper was sold to the holding company- Gatehouse Publishing in January.

The physical appearance has changed with modifications to the front page and website. And then, there’s the layoffs.

Front page of The Register-Guard
Credit Tiffany Eckert

Dick McHaffie is an advertising executive at the RG and co-President of the Eugene Newspaper Guild.  He says 14 Guild represented employees have left the paper, either due to downsizing or attrition.

“It’s all been very disappointing to us,” McHaffie says. “It’s not difficult to find out what GateHouse’s M.O. is with newspapers. We hope maybe we’re gonna be the exception to that. You know hope springs eternal. And we’re all hopeful that our jobs are going to continue like they have been. We don’t expect that to be the case though.”

Gatehouse Publishing owns over 140 newspapers across the country. The company reported $356 million in long-term debt as of September 2017.