Oh, Deer! November Worst Month For Car-Animal Collisions

Nov 6, 2018

Lane County authorities are warning drivers to be particularly cautious this month…November is statistically highest for collisions with wildlife.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Credit Heather Joan / Flickr.com

Transportation officials say mating periods, hunting season, and seasonal migration have animals moving out and about this time of year. And the most active times are between 5 and 7am, as well as 5 to 8pm.

Becky Taylor is Lane County’s Senior Transportation Planner. She says there were nearly 80 collisions reported between 2013 and 2016…often during clear and dry days. 

“Y’know when it’s foggy or wet or icy, drivers tend to be more alert and cautious.  Accommodating for the conditions," says Taylor.

Credit Doug Kerr / Flickr.com

"And maybe they’re not as alert when it’s clear and dry, ‘cuz they feel safer, or they don’t need to adapt their driving to the elements.”

Out of all of Lane County’s thoroughfares, Marcola Road had the most collisions in the three-year period, with twelve. The runner-ups – with four collisions each – were 30th Avenue, Jasper-Lowell Road, and Row River Road.  But many incidents go unreported.

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