Oregon's Economy Mostly Good, Says Economist

Oct 27, 2016

Oregon’s economic health is still on a steady rebound since the last recession, according to one analyst.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.  

Mt. Hood as seen from Dufur, OR.
Credit Flickr.com's Forest Service.

Tim Duy is Director of the Oregon Economic Forum, at the University of Oregon.   His latest regional overview shows steady recovery for a number of areas.  Employment in Salem and Bend has gone up at least 5 percent from last year, for example.  And state figures show Douglas and Lane counties both have lower unemployment rates than this time last year. 

Duy says it’s good to remember that job numbers can always change.

“But in general, when I look at the state, I say, ‘Hm…it looks like the economy has really rebounded nicely.'” 

Duy says the housing sector is also worth watching.

“Certainly sales activity in the sector rebounded quite strongly over the past couple years, it hasn’t been matched by as normal of a rebound in home construction and home permitting as we would normally expect," he says.    "And I think you see the lingering aftereffects of the housing boom and bust.” 

Duy adds manufacturing employment is “soft” across the state, with a slight dip in Central Oregon numbers.  He says manufacturing struggles are part of a national trend.