Poor Air Quality Affects People’s Health

Aug 29, 2017

Over recent days, air quality has been unhealthy through much of Oregon due to wildfire smoke. Those most vulnerable are the very young, the elderly and people with chronic health conditions.

Smoke from the Horse Prairie Fire near Roseburg.
Credit inciweb

Tens of thousands of acres are ablaze in Oregon and smoke from those wildfires is drifting into the valleys. Carol Hardisty is a registered respiratory therapist with Peacehealth in Springfield. She says the best advice for your health is to stay out of the smoky air.
“Definitely stay inside. Stay well-hydrated." Hardisty says, "With the heat on top of all the smoke your lungs can dry out. You can get all kinds of different particles in your lungs. You want to make sure you can clear out with a good cough. If your lungs are dehydrated, you won’t be able to clear it as well.”
Hardisty says those who have asthma or other respiratory conditions can experience difficulty breathing in the hot smoky weather. But the air quality is affecting even those in good health, causing headaches and scratchy throats.

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