Preliminary Takedown Of East Grandstand Begins, Bench By Bench

Jun 11, 2018

Dismantling of the East Grandstand of Hayward Field in Eugene has begun.

This morning, a crew was seen removing the wooden bench seats from the athletic facility at the University of Oregon.

Shy of noon today, several crew members were seen dismantling the wooden bench seats from the East Grandstand at the U of O's Hayward Field. The seats were being stacked inside a large truck.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Campus spokesman Tobin Klinger says it’s just prep work ahead of the actual demolition scheduled for June 19th.

One group, the East Grandstand Supporters, are trying to spare it from the wrecking ball. In an email, they say the U of O isn’t in compliance with state law. 

Jim Watson, outside Hayward Field earlier today after watching the East Grandstand bench seats being removed.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Jim Watson is a long-time volunteer timer at Hayward Field. He was among a few people watching the crew take apart the seating today.

“I’m upset, angry…feel betrayed by the U of Oregon, what they’re doing," Watson tells KLCC.

"I think they’re out of compliance. So I hope there is a legal remedy for this.  And that they can put a ‘stop work’ order on it.”

The U of O wants to rebuild the Hayward Field venue before the 2021 Track and Field Championships.

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