Smith Family Bookstore: One Store Closes, Another Expands

Oct 10, 2019

Eugene-based Smith Family Bookstore will be closing their campus location by the end of October. KLCC spoke with the owner to find out why.

Evon Smith, owner of Smith Family Bookstore hopes people will learn to love the downtown space as much as they have the East 13th location.
Credit Aubrey Bulkeley

The East 13th store may be closing, but Evon Smith wants to make clear she is consolidating and expanding her bookstore on Willamette.

Visibly excited, Smith walks through a secret passageway of plastic sheeting to reveal the additional space.  

As she takes the bookstore into the 21st century, Smith will move textbooks sales online and transfer or donate about 300 thousand books from the campus store.

“I was raised as a business person to balance out the dreams with the realities and that’s what I’m trying to do in this next stage.”

Smith addresses public concern the business is struggling.

“They think, Oh no. Not Smith Family! But, we’re doing fine. And we’re growing this store to kinda bring it all together.”

Smith Family Bookstore will celebrate its 45th anniversary this November.