Son Of Murdered Caretaker Processes Death Of Suspect

Mar 11, 2021

The man responsible for the murder of a Springfield caretaker has been identified.  Law officials say it’s the same man shot and killed in a Reedsport standoff Tuesday.

David Robert Ruozi Jr., Springfield PD booking photo (undated)

Springfield detectives were seeking 30-year-old David Robert Ruozi for the murder of 70-year-old Richard Marshall.  Marshall was found dead March 1st on the Food for Lane County youth farm where he worked as a caretaker.

Ruozi became a suspect when he was arrested with the same caliber handgun on February 26th, the last day Marshall was seen alive.  

In a release sent today, Springfield Police say "Mr. Ruozi was developed as a suspect in this case after he was arrested with the same caliber handgun on February 26th. At that time, he was arrested for Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Criminal Trespass.  Springfield Detectives believe that Marshall had been shot hours prior to Ruozi's arrest, however the crime was not discovered until the evening of March 1st.  Ruozi had been released earlier that same day."

A Douglas County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed Ruozi late Tuesday after a lengthy standoff in Reedsport.  Ruozi was armed and  had became uncooperative with law enforcement, with negotiations failing to deescalate the situation.

Evin Marshall is Richard Marshall’s son. Upon hearing of Ruozi’s death, he shared this:

“I’m sure that that he was important to someone.  Given the fact the everybody’s somebody’s son, somebody somewhere’s grieving him. I can’t say that I’d ever want another person killed over anything, really.” 

Evin Marshall also told KLCC that he has mixed feelings about this development.

Undated family photo of Richard Marshall.
Credit Provided by Marshall family.

“Being able to confront (Ruozi) face-to-face in a court situation, to get off my chest whatever I had to get off my chest would’ve been nice as well.  

"But on the other hand, not having to deal with all of the retraumatization of rehashing all this stuff in the courts. And…really relieved it’s over, but I don’t think it was justice.”

Marshall says plans are underway to celebrate the life of his late father, a man known affectionately to many as "Big Rich".  The event will be organized with Food for Lane County.

Meanwhile, the Douglas County Major Crimes team will investigate the officer-involved shooting and Ruozi’s death.

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