Thanksgiving Travel At Historic Highs

Nov 24, 2014

Northwest travelers should expect airports, roads, bus and train stations to be crowded this week. It’s projected to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel season in seven years. Marie Dodds is with Triple-A Oregon. She says the improving economy has an influence.

Credit interstate guide

Dodds: "Americans are more optimistic about the future. They're feeling better about their personal economic situations.  And when people feel like that they tend to spend more on things like travel.”

The weather should be good for driving and flying in Oregon. Clinton Rockey is with the National Weather Service in Portland. He’s predicting mild conditions for Oregon.

Rockey: "If you're traveling north, up toward Seattle and British Columbia, that's where the main storm track will be. Rain in the high countries and snow. But across much of Oregon and southwestern Washington State, even down to northern California, it looks like we're going to have a good week for travel."

There is some rain projected later this week, but Rockey says the snow levels will be fairly high, and shouldn’t impact driving below 5,000 feet.