Waiver Program Announced For Holiday Farm Fire Rebuilding Efforts

Apr 7, 2021

People rebuilding after the Holiday Farm Fire just got a break. The Lane County Board of Commissioners has approved a fee waiver program for land use, sanitation, and building permits.

Ruins of a Blue River homestead, October 2020.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The waivers apply to primary and secondary homes, rental properties, and temporary medical hardship buildings. They’ll be available for a five-year period to the owners of such dwellings at the time they were destroyed.

To facilitate the application process, the board also approved six full-time staff to the Land Management Division. The fee waiver program is retroactive, and cost of qualifying permits will be reimbursed to those who’ve already paid.

More information is www.mckenzierebuilds.org/fees.

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