White Bird Will Provide Clinic At Camp99 In Eugene

Dec 27, 2018

Late last week, Lane County agreed to fund a clinic at a camp for homeless people on Highway 99 in Eugene. The non-profit organization White Bird will provide an array of services.

St. Vincent de Paul has provided a room in its Lindholm Service Center for White Bird's clinic. It's first day was Wednesday, Dec. 26th.
Credit Chris Hecht / White Bird
  There are about 85 people living in tents at Camp 99. An additional 20 or so are living in their vehicles on the county-owned gravel lot. It was set up after the county cleared campers from downtown in early November. Chris Hecht is with White Bird Clinic. 

“Folks, when they’re kind of at their wit’s end, for some people that doesn’t bring out their best and so there’s been some antisocial behavior that really kind of piles on to the misery of living outside in Eugene in November and December.”

Hecht says the clinic provides medical care, mental health and substance abuse counselling, and other services. Hecht says the clinic will run through January 7th. The plan is to move residents to other sanctioned rest stops and dusk to dawn locations in Eugene. 

The clinic operates Monday - Friday from 5-9 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.