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Some Oregonians affected by the September wildfires are still without reliable phone service.

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The damage left by Oregon’s 2020 wildfires will pose risks and challenges for years, according to the Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

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Most people in Eugene and Lane County can now text 911 for emergency services.

Willamette National Forest

Some Oregon wildfire victims will move into temporary housing units supplied by FEMA.


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The Eugene Police Department is investigating two crashes that left two people dead just 12 hours apart on New Year’s Day in Eugene.

The first involved a single vehicle that crashed into a crosswalk pole at 7:19 a.m. Friday on Hwy. 99N and Fairfield Ave. The passenger, a 41-year-old man, died and the driver, a 49-year-old man, was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. EPD says the vehicle was traveling northbound at a high rate of speed, and the case is still under investigation.

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The devastating Oregon wildfires this year have been one for the record books. More than $116 million in federal disaster assistance has been allocated for relief and recovery efforts. And  residents of the McKenzie River Corridor are now wary of fire-related aftershocks.

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2020 is almost over.  And many say: good riddance. The COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, riots, politics, and recession have all left their mark on Oregonians’ psyche…though there was a bright spot or two.

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A Eugene woman is mourning the deaths of her husband and daughter after a paddle-boarding accident in the Willamette River last week.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

A landslide on Sunday evening destroyed a bridge and threatened several homes in rural Lincoln County.

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Losing a loved one - especially a child – is devastating. Jennifer Phillips of Eugene has felt that pain twice. Her 19-year-old daughter, Jessica Frank, was murdered four years ago by a man she met online…while her son, Chad Frank, died of COVID-19 last month at the age of 30.  KLCC’s Brian Bull met with Phillips, a registered nurse, and asked how she was holding up through the holiday season.

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This year’s wildfires have left a lingering hazard: burn scars and compromised soil. This means potential flooding and landslides throughout the winter.

Oregon Water Utility Council

This fall’s wildfires in Oregon have caused ongoing challenges for municipal water systems.

McKenzie Community Development Corporation

Whether staying at local hotels or camping on their property, many people affected by the Holiday Farm Fire are still living in temporary situations.

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A dozen nonprofits in Oregon and Washington helping victims of this year’s wildfires are getting some financial support.

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Researchers at the University of Oregon are helping to make sure cultural resources in the path of this September’s wildfires aren’t further damaged in the clean-up efforts.

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More than two dozen insurance companies have agreed to give homeowners more time to rebuild after this September’s Oregon wildfires.

Corvallis Mountain Rescue

Oregon rescue crews are seeing an uptick in lost or stranded travelers this year. An official has tips on how to keep safe if you have to venture out.

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Oregon wildfire victims can access free legal aid, as they attempt to recover and rebuild from the most destructive season in state history.

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The head of a Eugene relief group says COVID-19 has canceled some fundraising events and disrupted others.  But their efforts are not wavering.

A crowd protesting Governor Brown’s two-week “freeze” gathered in Springfield this Saturday. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, concerns were raised over how the police responded to the crowd’s lack of pandemic protocols. 

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In past years, the Eugene Mission has done a blow-out Thanksgiving feast for people who are low-income or homeless. But  the pandemic has changed those plans.

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The agency that regulates utilities in Oregon is giving phone companies until the end of next month to re-establish land line telephone service in areas affected by wildfires.

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To date, the City of Eugene has received nearly $8 million in federal coronavirus relief funds. The bulk of it went to the Emergency Operations Center.

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A Eugene hotel -among other sites - could become a shelter for people displaced by the Holiday Farm Fire. 

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People in eight Oregon counties affected by this year’s wildfires can have debris and ash removed for free.


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From The City Club of Eugene:

On the night of September 7, the Holiday Farm Fire ignited near milepost 47 on Oregon 126, along the banks of the McKenzie River.


Reports of a bear trap found in Hendricks Park aren’t accurate, an official says.

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The outpouring of support for Oregon wildfire victims was strong following September’s destruction. But  some fear awareness is waning, just as winter nears. 

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Winter is coming…and for residents of the McKenzie River Corridor, that means further hardship on top of the Holiday Farm Fire that destroyed more than 400 homes in September. But helpers are preparing in advance.

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The following is an extended interview with former KATU-TV News reporter Paul Linnman, conducted by KLCC's Brian Bull just ahead of the 50th anniversary of one of Oregon's oddest incidents: the controlled demolition of a sperm whale carcass that washed ashore in Florence.  The blast propelled heavier-than-expected chunks of rotting, rancid blubber into the sky, and Linnman into viral fame that lasts to this day.