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In past years, the Eugene Mission has done a blow-out Thanksgiving feast for people who are low-income or homeless. But  the pandemic has changed those plans.

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The agency that regulates utilities in Oregon is giving phone companies until the end of next month to re-establish land line telephone service in areas affected by wildfires.

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To date, the City of Eugene has received nearly $8 million in federal coronavirus relief funds. The bulk of it went to the Emergency Operations Center.

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A Eugene hotel -among other sites - could become a shelter for people displaced by the Holiday Farm Fire. 

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People in eight Oregon counties affected by this year’s wildfires can have debris and ash removed for free.


Program Date: November 13, 2020

Air Date: November 16, 2020

From The City Club of Eugene:

On the night of September 7, the Holiday Farm Fire ignited near milepost 47 on Oregon 126, along the banks of the McKenzie River.


Reports of a bear trap found in Hendricks Park aren’t accurate, an official says.

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The outpouring of support for Oregon wildfire victims was strong following September’s destruction. But  some fear awareness is waning, just as winter nears. 

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Winter is coming…and for residents of the McKenzie River Corridor, that means further hardship on top of the Holiday Farm Fire that destroyed more than 400 homes in September. But helpers are preparing in advance.

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The following is an extended interview with former KATU-TV News reporter Paul Linnman, conducted by KLCC's Brian Bull just ahead of the 50th anniversary of one of Oregon's oddest incidents: the controlled demolition of a sperm whale carcass that washed ashore in Florence.  The blast propelled heavier-than-expected chunks of rotting, rancid blubber into the sky, and Linnman into viral fame that lasts to this day.

Photo provided by Paul Linnman.

50 years ago this Thursday, (Nov. 12), the detonation of a dead, beached sperm whale in Florence ended in chaos. Instead of blowing up into fine fragments, the corpse rained back down in large chunks. 

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This Thursday (Nov. 12) marks the golden anniversary of one of the oddest incidents in Oregon history: the explosion of a dead whale in Florence.  The journalist who covered the story is still talking about it 50 years later.

Lincoln County

Officials in Oregon are warning victims of this year’s wildfires to be wary of potential scammers.

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Following the devastating Holiday Farm Fire that burned 173,000 acres across the McKenzie River Corridor last month, utility crews are working to safeguard the local water supply.

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Clean-up crews with the EPA continue to remove hazardous waste from wildfire-stricken areas. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports from Blue River, which was devastated by the Holiday Farm Fire in September.


Wednesday, October 28, is the last day for residents of the eight Oregon counties affected by recent wildfires to apply for Disaster SNAP benefits.  

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The recent wildfires in Oregon could have tax implications for people who lost their homes.

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Oregonians affected by recent wildfires may be eligible to receive one month of aid through the Disaster Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (DSNAP).

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The Holiday Farm Fire thrashed telecommunications all across the McKenzie River Corridor, robbing residents of wi-fi and cell phone service. But a special effort has temporarily restored those essential needs.

Let's Find Michael Bryson! Facebook page

It’s been more than two months since 27-year-old Michael Bryson disappeared in the woods outside Cottage Grove. Now a Eugene podcaster is focused on the case.

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Oregonians who lost their homes due to wildfires last month have until this Friday, Oct. 16, to sign up for free removal of household hazardous materials.

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Lane County is opening its Recovery Assistance Services, or RAS, at the old McKenzie Fish Hatchery at 44643 Highway 126 this Friday.

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Property owners across Oregon are grappling with how to rebuild after this summer’s devastating wildfires. They may be able to get help from FEMA and the EPA.  

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Wildfire victims can consult with an attorney about their insurance claims at a series of free legal clinics on Saturday.

Tom Atkinson

Three relief centers are now up and running along the McKenzie River Corridor. They’re to help people affected by the Holiday Farm Fire for at least several months.

Archie Creek Fire Information Facebook Page

A Douglas County Public Health Official declared a local health emergency, this week, for hazardous waste left on properties from the Archie Creek Fire. 

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As homeowners across Oregon sift through the ashes and debris, their rate of recovery from this year’s wildfires will be uneven, due to several factors.

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Early Native Americans did controlled burns to eliminate excess fuel or “slash” ahead of the hotter, drier periods.  Now some researchers want that practice to be revisited as a way to offset hotter and more intense wildfire seasons.


A Federal Emergency Management Agency External Outreach Center opened on Saturday at the Lane Events Center in Eugene to assist residents affected by recent wildfires and straight-line winds.


Fire managers working with the Holiday Farm Fire east of Springfield are asking for cooperation from the public in observing the various area and road closures for the fire area.