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A Native American ceremonial prayer fire for the victims of last Friday’s violence in North Bend is being held today. 

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Hot and dry conditions are returning to south central Oregon, which will increase the risk of wildfires.  


Thousands of people in the Corvallis area will be asked to leave their homes Saturday morning as part of a wildfire evacuation drill.


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It’s wildfire season across Oregon, and many locals fear not just for their own safety, but that of their pets. KLCC’s Brian Bull shares some tips. 

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Nearly two dozen sheds have been built and given to Holiday Farm Fire survivors.  Students from Lane County high schools and Lane Community College built the sheds to give affected families a place to store tools and other items as they rebuild.

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After last year's Holiday Farm Fire, Greenhill Humane Society has some tips about how to prepare for a quick exit with your pets. According to Megan Brezovar, Community Engagement and Humane Education Manager, the most important thing in an emergency is to get yourself to safety - and bring your pets if you can.




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Several dozen families displaced by last year’s Holiday Farm Fire were relocated again last month, to make room for athletes competing in the Olympic Trials in Eugene.

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Two South Eugene High School students are in the hospital following a collision in front of the school earlier today.


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A brush fire near The Dalles is 70% contained as of Thursday morning.


The Mehl Creek Fire, burning southwest of Elkton, is about 50 percent contained as of Wednesday morning.

Eugene Springfield Fire

Local crews made two river rescues over the weekend.

Eugene Springfield Fire water rescue crews were called to the McKenzie River in Springfield Saturday after receiving reports of three people trapped on a log in the middle of the river behind RiverBend Hospital.

Douglas County Sheriff

After 17 nights in the wilderness, 69 year-old Harry Burleigh has been found alive and rescued by Search and Rescue crews.

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Eugene’s mobile crisis service, CAHOOTS, has been celebrated as a model alternative to policing. But the organization says it needs more funds from the City of Eugene.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Eugene’s mobile crisis service, CAHOOTS, has been celebrated as a model alternative to policing. But the organization says it needs more funds from the City of Eugene to sustain its operations and staffing.

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More than two years after one of the worst winter storms hit the region, Lane Electric Cooperative is getting money to cover repairs.

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Mushroom hunting is a year-round activity for many Oregonians, with Black Morrels and Spring King Boletes  currently in season.

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The wildfire outlook for central Oregon and central Washington is generally low-risk for now.  But the fire danger will steadily escalate in the months ahead.

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If you’re in a recently burned area and encounter a smoldering stump, call 911.  

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Prescribed burns continue through parts of Oregon, including the McKenzie River Corridor where last fall’s devastating Holiday Farm Fire occurred. 

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Of all the causes of forest fires, people are the “wild card”, says the president of a fire prevention and safety education group.

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Oregonians are being advised to clear debris, overgrowth, and fallen foliage that could endanger their home if a wildfire breaks out.  

Eugene Springfield Fire

Fire crews responded to a large fire involving the Union Pacific Railroad trestle at South 2nd Street in Springfield early Monday morning.

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Oregon residents are advised to not only have evacuation plans and supplies ready in case they have to flee wildfires, but also to consider giving a lift to those who may not have the same means of escape.

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While last year’s wildfire season was unprecedented in Oregon, residents are warned that this newfound intensity is not going away. 

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A 17 year-old South Eugene High School student died in a car crash in Eugene Monday, according to police. He was driving and hit a tree near East 23rd and Patterson Street. He's been identifed as Connor Truax by SEHS Principal Carey Killen. 

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The unseasonably warm weather this weekend, combined with a lack of rain and a prediction of gusty winds, has led to increased concerns over fire danger.


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Lane County has begun six projects intended to proactively reduce wildfire risks.

Oregon Office of Emergency Management

Last year, 911 dispatchers took 2 million emergency calls in Oregon-- responding to pandemic, floods, fires and a destructive winter storm. Governor Kate Brown honored 911 operators by declaring this Public Safety Telecommunications Week. (April 11-17, 2021)

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While many Oregonians are enjoying the warmer and drier weather as of late, state firefighters are wary. That's because the rate of fires is already ahead of normal this year.

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Wildfire victims would not have to pay taxes on the cost of rebuilding their homes under a bill approved Friday in the Oregon House.