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More than two weeks after the Holiday Farm Fire erupted across the McKenzie Highway Corridor, fire crews are steadily gaining on the blaze.

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The Portland-based Home Share Oregon, a non-profit, is working on rehousing wildfire evacuees in Lane County. The program matches homeowners with spare rooms with renters. 



Lincoln County is urging people whose homes were damaged by wildfire this month to fill out a damage assessment form online.

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Authorities have identified a deceased male found in the Holiday Farm Fire. He’s been identified as 59-year-old David Perry of Vida.

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Rainy, cooler weather helped firefighters improve containment of the Holiday Farm Fire this weekend, which has consumed over 173,000 acres since Labor Day. It’s currently 14 percent contained, compared to 10 percent Friday.

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On Sunday morning, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office lifted all Level 3 (Go!) evacuation orders for areas near the Holiday Farm Fire.

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The more than 7,500 personnel working on wildfires around the state of Oregon face multiple hazards as they battle blazes in steep, dense terrain.

Weekend Wildfire Roundup

Sep 20, 2020

More than 7,500 fire personnel continue to fight fires around Oregon. Here is a roundup of information on some of the fires burning across the state. For the most recent updates on any fire, visit the Incident Information Website.

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The Lane County Sheriff was able to reduce more evacuation levels on the Holiday Farm Fire Saturday.

Christiana Rainbow Plews

Christiana Rainbow Plews has been making national headlines of late. She’s the Upper McKenzie District Fire Chief who lost her home and fire station in the Holiday Farm fire. 

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Incoming storms have helped clear the air and will hopefully dampen the chance of regional wildfires spreading.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Incoming storms have helped clear the air and will hopefully dampen the chance of regional wildfires spreading.


A previous web-version of this story, that also aired, included incorrect information from a Lane County employee, stating out-of-state firefighters in the county had tested positive for COVID-19. This story has been corrected.


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Oregon 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio said Thursday the devastation wrought by the Holiday Farm Fire is unbelievable. He toured the fire’s wake with a regional administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says several of its fish hatcheries were damaged by wildfires this month.

Breitenbush Retreat Center

Fans of a Marion County retreat center badly damaged by wildfires are rallying behind a fundraising effort to rebuild it.

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The Holiday Farm Fire is now 10% contained, and has consumed over 170,000 acres. It’s hoped that an incoming weather front will give fire crews some help, though it could pose its own risks.  KLCC's Rachael McDonald and reporter Brian Bull discuss the latest on the fire. 

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Chances of precipitation and thunderstorms could create additional hazards for the Holiday Farm Fire area. The National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Watch early Thursday morning for areas east of Springfield, starting from 5 p.m. until 5 a.m. Friday morning. 

Karen Richards

Recalling Australia’s wildlife losses from fires in early 2020, Oregonians have wondered how our wild animals are doing. Michelle Dennehy is with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. They haven’t been able to assess places still under Level 3 evacuation, but she said, “Usually, it’s going to be healthy animals that are more likely to escape. The sick and the old or young wildlife are more at risk. And these fires move very fast, so it’s very possible that we lost healthy wildlife too.”


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The Holiday Farm Fire has consumed over 170,000 acres, and destroyed more than 500 structures.  Some residents who fled last week have recently been able to return to check on their homes.  In the cause of Tim Laue, a former Eugene City Councilor and now Blue River resident, the experience was devastating: the home he and his wife shared, along with a guest cottage, were burned to the foundations.

KLCC’s Brian Bull talked to Laue about when he and his wife evacuated late Labor Day night.

Douglas Forest Protective Association

Fire managers on the Archie Creek fire in Douglas County say activity picked up Wednesday evening along the southeastern portion of the fire, resulting in increased evacuation orders. 

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The Holiday Farm Fire has scorched the McKenzie River Corridor area for more than a week now. Some residents from the ravaged areas have been allowed back to survey the damage.

Oregon Department of Agriculture

The state of Oregon is launching a website to help reunite animals with their owners in the wake of the deadly wildfires.

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The Eugene Mission has extended services and capacity in the wake of the Holiday Farm Fire.

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Update: There are three people still unaccounted for in the area of the Holiday Farm Fire that sparked on Labor Day in the McKenzie River Valley. That’s down from 236, according to the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. Federal teams are helping in the search.

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Starting Wednesday, the Catholic Community Services of Lane County will give a share of $100,000 in emergency relief money to Lane County evacuees. The group received the money from the United Way Wildfire Community Response Funds.

Upper McKenzie Fire District

The Holiday Farm fire has burned nearly 167-thousand acres since Labor Day. Officials say it was initially reported as a grass fire of less than a tenth of an acre. Then high winds pushed the burn across Scenic Highway 126, where it grew out of control. The Upper McKenzie Fire Chief had to make some serous decisions--fast.

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As of Tuesday afternoon, the Urban Search and Rescue Team working on the Holiday Farm Fire announced they completed 431 structural evaluations in the area. Results showed 308 structures were destroyed, 7 were failed, and 14 were damaged. The remaining 102 structures had no reported damage.

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After the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory closed Monday due to hazardous indoor air quality, no new specimens were accepted or tested. But Lane County Public Information Officer Jason Davis said COVID-19 testing is still available in the county.

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Evacuation levels are being downgraded for some areas around the Holiday Farm Fire that’s burned over 166,000 acres and destroyed more than 300 structures.  As can be expected, evacuees are more than ready to come home.