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Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced Friday that Lane County has been added to the Watch List for COVID-19 case activity. 

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Governor Kate Brown will hold a press availability today to discuss Oregon's efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. She will be joined by representatives from the Oregon Health Authority.

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More than 4,000 people have applied for federal disaster aid following the series of wildfires in Oregon.

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The death toll from a series of wildfires around the state is now at ten.

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Governor Kate Brown warned Oregonians Wednesday to brace for a significant death toll from the wildfires devastating the state.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said hazardous fire conditions will remain until at least Thursday.

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Governor Kate Brown has placed new restrictions on gyms and fitness centers effective Friday. Masks are required to be worn at all times, even during exercise that is deemed “strenuous.”

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Benton County is warning its residents that it could be placed on a coronavirus watch list as a result of falling behind in several key public health indicators.

UPDATE (11:29 a.m. PT, May 26) — Oregon's high court said Saturday that Baker County Circuit Court faces a choice, which could shape the fate of a legal challenge to Gov. Kate Brown's coronavirus-related executive orders. 

On Saturday, the state Supreme Court ruled that Judge Matthew Shirtcliff must decide by 5 p.m. Tuesday whether to vacate his earlier ruling to invalidate Brown's orders, or he can argue further before Oregon's high court about why that ruling was correct.

A group of churches challenging Gov. Kate Brown’s executive orders on the state’s response to COVID-19 filed their legal arguments with the Oregon Supreme Court on Friday.

The churches oppose orders that have mandated social distancing and required businesses to close. Many of those orders already have relaxed, as most counties in the state have started the phased process of reopening.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says she’ll announce which counties have been approved for a limited re-opening during a Thursday morning press conference.

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Linn County is among dozens of Oregon counties that have submitted an application to partially re-open amid the ongoing public health emergency.

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Citing a decline in reported COVID-19 cases, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners is asking Governor Brown for a Phase 1 reopening this Saturday. 

Oregon health officials announced Friday the state has its first presumed case of COVID-19, the Novel Coronavirus. And they don’t know how or where the patient contracted the virus.

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From the City Club of Eugene:

Governor Kate Brown addresses a special meeting of the City Club of Eugene prior to the start of the Short Session of the Legislature.  We'll hear the governor’s priorities for the legislature and for Oregon. What topics will gain the governor’s priority list?  How does she plan to address issues like climate change, wildfire management and prevention?  Will there be infrastructure proposals or transportation initiatives?

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The approach of a New Year often makes us reflect on the past one. In the case of KLCC news, there were many major stories, touching on politics to disasters to the arts.  We revisit some of the sounds and voices from just some of the top local stories for 2018.

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An event soliciting input on how the State of Oregon can best serve its elderly residents wrapped up today.

The Governor’s Commission on Senior Services met in downtown Eugene, to discuss issues that could affect the state’s aging population as it continues to grow.

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Governor Kate Brown is responding to today’s news that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed restrictions on transgender personnel in the military.  

Oregonians who receive SNAP benefits may have noticed some extra funds on their EBT cards today. The Department of Human Services wants those folks to know, that that money is for February and to budget accordingly. 

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The University of Oregon hosted a “Get Out the Vote” rally Monday in the final hours of the campaign season.    

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Oregon's gubernatorial candidates faced off in their final debate last night.  Incumbent Democrat Kate Brown and Republican State Representative Knute Buehler clashed over housing, taxes, abortion, the state sanctuary law, the death get the gist.

KLCC political reporter Dirk VanderHart was there and joins KLCC's Brian Bull to summarize the face-off.

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Oregon’s 2019 Teacher of the Year was named at an impromptu pep assembly in Eugene Tuesday. A popular Churchill High School educator received the honor from Governor Kate Brown.

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown says Congress needs to help the nation’s 9 million children, and fast.

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Today in Eugene, Oregon’s governor and a coalition of tech companies announced a new apprenticeship program they say will bolster the region’s IT sector. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

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Anti-tobacco advocates gathered in Cottage Grove today to mark 20 years of legislation aimed at smoking prevention.

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Oregon's legislature faces a tricky budget balancing act next year. For college aid, the governor recommends a focus on the student side of the equation. Given the budget's overall $1.7 billion dollar shortfall, it remains impossible to provide all the help Oregon's higher ed needs.


President Obama Endorses Kate Brown For Governor

Oct 20, 2016
Pablo Martinez Monsivais

President Barack Obama is coming to the political aid of Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. Jeff Mapes reports that the president praises her legislative success in a new video.

Oregon Governor's Office

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has appointed a new head of the state agency that handles works to provide affordable housing.

Gov. Kate Brown photo: Michael Lloyd, Associated Press. Bud Pierce photo: courtesy of

Gov. Kate Brown has agreed to at least five debates this fall with her Republican challenger, William "Bud" Pierce, as reported by The Oregonian.

These debates will happen in bigger cities around the state, starting in Bend.

The schedule is as follows:

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown rode a rapid transit bus from Springfield to Eugene Monday. She wants to build support for transportation funding in the state.