Lincoln County

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Drivers in Newport could face delays crossing the Yaquina Bay Bridge next week.

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After a major outbreak of the coronavirus in early June, Lincoln County is trending in a more positive direction.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Oregon State University will send its research teams back to Newport to conduct another round of coronavirus testing this weekend.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Lincoln County is reducing the cap on the number of people who can be present in private social gatherings.

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Lincoln County has changed its face covering directive to remove a portion that exempts people of color. County commissioners announced the change Wednesday after saying they received threats from people who claimed the policy was racist.

Lincoln County

A key element in curbing the spread of COVID-19 is contacting people who may have been exposed to the coronavirus. That includes Oregonians who don’t speak English as their first language.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Lincoln County has reported its second COVID-19 related death, as the effort to slow the spread of the virus there continues.

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Lincoln County is set to become the first jurisdiction in Oregon to require the use of face coverings in all indoor public places.

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Oregon State University says it plans to expand its door-to-door coronavirus testing project to a community on the Oregon coast that’s been hard-hit by COVID-19.

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Officials in Lincoln County are working to get a handle on an outbreak of COVID-19 that started at a seafood processing plant and is spreading through community transmission.

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Lincoln County has the highest infection rate for coronavirus in the state right now, linked to an outbreak at a seafood processing plant. The current number of known positive cases is 184— up from 10 cases a week and a half ago.

City of Newport

Officials on the Oregon coast are trying to contain an outbreak of COVID-19 that’s affected dozens of people associated with a seafood processing plant.

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Lincoln County has extended restrictions on short-term lodging through May 31st. The coastal county is looking for a way to have a phased re-opening, hopefully in June.

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To help combat the spread of the coronavirus in Lincoln County, officials are providing 40 motel room vouchers for the county’s unsheltered population. The idea is to provide a warm, safe place to stay for the homeless while most of the state has been advised to stay home.

Karen Richards


When it comes to near-shore earthquakes and tsunamis, Oregon’s coastal communities have moved beyond awareness and are taking action. As part of our series on Oregon's Natural Resources and Resilence and funded by the UO Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, we find there are some controversies and complications. 

Newport Public Library

Voters in unincorporated Lincoln County are deciding this month whether to renew a property tax that ensures they have access to the region’s libraries.

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A judge in Lincoln County has overturned a ban on aerial pesticide spraying.

Lincoln County Health and Human Services has confirmed several cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, in the area.

The Oregon Health Authority lifted a public health advisory for contact with marine water at Agate Beach, Seal Rock State Park Beach, and Harris Beach Monday.

Lincoln County

Monday was the first day on the job for Claire Hall. The Lincoln County Commissioner has served for 14 years as Bill Hall and has now transitioned to female. 

Backers of a public safety measure say improved law enforcement and corrections services will come to Lincoln County, if voters approve it. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

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This week a Lincoln County Circuit judge issued a preliminary injunction that prevents enforcement of a provision of a voter passed aerial spraying measure.

OPB News

A lawsuit was filed this week against a Lincoln County ordinance that was narrowly passed by voters last month. The suit challenges a ban to aerial pesticide spraying.

City of Gresham

Areas in Oregon most affected by December’s severe storms will receive federal aid. Wednesday President Obama signed a disaster declaration releasing funds to a dozen counties hit hardest by winter weather.

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall filed to run for a fourth term in next year’s election.


Syphilis has increased by 1,500 % in Oregon since 2007. Public health officials announced the disturbing trend after Lincoln County reported its 12th case this year.

Lincoln County Seeks Public Input On New Disaster Plan

Jul 21, 2015

Lincoln County is looking to limit the risks of natural disasters. They’ve partnered with several state agencies to develop a mitigation plan. Now the county wants resident to review the public document.

To be eligible for FEMA funding, natural hazards mitigation plans have to be updated every 5 years. Emergency manager Jenny Demaris says the University of Oregon helped lead Lincoln County through the process.

This week's New Yorker article "The Really Big One" has served as a wake up call to northwest residents to the reality that a major earthquake is expected to hit in the next 50 years. Oregon Emergency Managers want to use this opportunity to help people prepare.

Jenny Demaris is Emergency Manager for Lincoln County on the Oregon Coast. She says after reading or hearing about the article, people took notice.

Lincoln County is celebrating the renovation of one of its covered bridges Monday. The Chitwood Covered Bridge is one of about 800 historically recognized covered bridges in the U.S.

Newport's search and rescue Coast Guard air facility is scheduled to cease operations December 15th. Tuesday morning, four groups filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Eugene to try to stop the closure.

In the lawsuit, the Newport Fishermen's Wives, along with the City of Newport, Lincoln County, and the Port of Newport allege the Coast Guard failed to follow the legal process required to decommission a facility. They claim the Coast Guard has not adequately assessed impacts to public and environmental safety. Ginny Goblirsch is with the Newport Fishermen's Wives.