McKenzie Highway

At 10 a.m. on Friday, Central Lane 911 will test the Community Emergency Notification System for the McKenzie Highway area.

fintuq / Pixabay

A bill to require Oregon drivers to use their headlights at all times was rejected Thursday in the state Senate.


Cookie Swetland

A fire sparked Monday night along the McKenzie River Highway has grown substantially. The Lane County Sheriff has issued level 3 –go- evacuations from Walterville all the way to McKenzie Bridge.

Tiffany Eckert

After nine days, some McKenzie Bridge residents are seeing the first flickers of electricity following a power outage caused by last week’s snow storm.  For some, the loss of power created a serious risk. But for those river inhabitants secure with “the basics” to survive (warmth, water, food,) some found hidden joys in letting go of extras and just taking it easy.


For about six weeks, bicyclists can travel the seasonal highway over McKenzie Pass without dodging cars. Transportation officials plan to open it to motor vehicles June 16th.

Each spring the Oregon Department of Transportation plows one lane of the old McKenzie Highway to allow for natural melting of snow. Peter Murphy is Public Information Officer for ODOT in Bend. He says the road is not yet free of hazards.