Eugene Mission Responds To Wildfire Crisis

Sep 16, 2020

The Eugene Mission has extended services and capacity in the wake of the Holiday Farm Fire.

The aftermath of the Holiday Farm Fire in Blue River.
Credit Andy Nelson / Register-Guard/pool

Sheryl Balthrop is executive director of the mission.  She says they’ve opened up their parking lot to accommodate five RVs for anyone who’s had to evacuate the McKenzie River Corridor due to the destruction.

Sheryl Bathrop, at the Eugene Mission, in late August 2020.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“Along with access to our services: food, showers, bathrooms etcetera," Balthrop told KLCC. "And we’re imagining that folks as they move through the Red Cross and other placement processes that this will probably fill over time.”

Balthrop added that they've been able to add four beds for the chronically homeless, for a total of 24 beds at the mission. She adds their outreach teams have worked with officials to acquire and distribute N95 masks for the homeless.

Meanwhile, other agencies including White Bird and the Red Cross have worked with the Lane County and City of Eugene governments in setting up relief services at the Lane Events Center.  Balthrop says there are other resources found on the Lane County website.

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