Madras Wants YOU...To Come Over And Make Beer

Dec 5, 2017

The Jefferson County city of Madras needs beer.  More specifically, a brewer who will create a beer economy and draw for its downtown.  KLCC’s Brian Bull has more.  

What's wrong with this picture? It's not in Madras.

With all the craft brewing facilities that’ve sprouted across Oregon – more than 260 at last count -- you’d think nearly every town would have one by now.

“Unfortunately we don’t have any,” laments Nick Snead, Madras’ Community Development Director.  He says when officials surveyed locals for its urban renewal plan two years ago, “recruiting a brewery” was deemed a high priority.  

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Snead says a brewery would create a place for locals and tourists.

“What we believe it will also do is, is create additional energy and activity in our downtown area," he tells KLCC. 

"And that’s important for the urban renewal district, because we’re trying to revitalize our downtown area.” 

Snead says a successful brewery could inspire others to develop in the downtown.  He says Madras is a “brewer’s dream” given neighboring Opal Springs and its water filtered by volcanic rock.  Prospective brewers may receive business incentives and assistance from the city. 

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